Monday, June 11, 2012

Chinese Cultural Camp :)

Hey all my beloved readers :D I'M BACK AGAIN!!!~ Surprise to see me uh ;) Holiday is not holiday at all if you all get what i mean ;) Hahahaha :D I'm here to share with you all some picture ;) YUP! PICTURES! I have been transferred my phone photos to computer le :) Guai hor? ;) Actually is because my phone no memory space thats why :P.  Holiday~ Went back to school for Chinese Cultural Camp :) It just a simple camp. No overnight required :)

Firstly we have WuShu! :D This camp i mostly look forward to is WuShu but......It turned out to be a great disappointment. I DID NOT LEARN ANYTHING! AND IT FREAKING BORED -.-  I still remember NA students all never move only those express students move hahahaha :D EPIC MUCH!

Later we went back to LT. Listen to some talk......which make me wanna......Zzzzzz (sleep)...........After the talk we have break!! LIKE A FINALLY! But the food is like -vomit- MacDonald Apple pie which cost only $1. And it cold instead of hot -tsktsk-........

After break we have Chinese calligraphy :D We waited our classroom for like 30 minutes plus.....hmm...NO! More than that! So we told the cleaner to help us open classroom....Then we use phone and on music until SUPER LOUD. Then finally someone call teacher come then we know that we need to combined with 3E5 -.- NOBODY TOLD US THAT! THEY SAY GO BACK OUR OWN CLASS! So instead of going to 3E5....we go to 3E1 instead :D We upgrade ourselves uh ;)

So the picture above is when i learn how to write with MaoBi :D The first one is example, second one is my first attempt and the third one is my second attempt :D Getting better right? Right ;)

Teacher is such a kind soul and write for me :D He is a genius! He write until very nice! I should bai ta wei shi hahahaha :P

So later on is break again :) Actually is lunch. The food is...........Horrible! Suddenly i thought that apple pie is much better. Okay......Malay camp lunch is the best! LOOK NICER AND TASTE NICER. Seriously what the shit :( Teacher is such a cheapskate and give us horrible foods......WE PAID FOR THE CAMP SIA!

Next is Paper Cutting :D I love this so much :D I thought it will be easy but well.....i was only partly right i guess ;P. The picture below is my work :)

Sun Wu Kou, Zhu Ba Jie, Tang Shen and Sha Shi Di :D hahahaha :D

Later on is.....I don't know what that called but i know is to used string and create different pattern :D And teacher teach us...........
Yup! Picture above is my work :) Use string and do dragonfly keychain :) Nice right? :) I know ;)

After that home sweet home :D 
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