Monday, June 18, 2012

Cleared some stuffs~

Yo people :D I'm back :) I have to cleared some stuffs~ On my previous post i scold her that she do not have any university want her right? Well... she have but is a private university so yeah. But for me is still the same though. Private university = No school. Well, private university people won't care about you isn't it? My sister friends went to private university all very free de leh. So the other thing to cleared some stuffs are pictures :) Yup! ;) Picture time hahahaha :P I remember wanna post about ReiChi birthday party but....Oh well.........I will do it another time :P

NVSB!!!!~ ONE BAND ONE SOUND :D Okay that is our Band motto -wink- I freaking LOVE band okay! Band room is my second home ;) Anyway the hands is Fann Ong (Me) draw de :D Cute right? I know! But that isn't the case. Please zoom in and see the small sentence there!! Claire Siew compose de song :D She compose a lot!!! The picture below is some of her work :) Please zoom in and see hahaha :D 

Okay :) Maybe you all wonder why she have such a free time composing this~ Hahaha :D Because we lend the band room key from general office when it is not band time...well not band day~ Basically there only me, claire and gwendolyn in band room :) Don't judge us! We are not that free!! We go into the band room is because of doing noticeboard :D THANK CLAIRE AND GWENDOLYN FOR HELPING ME :D
This is that time do until half way~ Now we already finish le but i never take the photo because........It turn out not that nice but still...... acceptable lah :D Mr Choy say can! Hahahaha :D YES! No need re-do -wink-
So during the holiday is always kind of boring so......I painted my nail :D This is left hand~ :D
And this is right hand :D
It turn out so pretty and colourful hahahaha :D Plus it not difficult to do at all :D
This is Clara (My junior) hair~ Pretty right :D I help her tie/braid de :D I love twisted waterfall braid :D It so simple/easy and cute and nice!! Sometime after band they will stayback and play captain/net ball so yeah :D I and Clara don't like sport so we sit at one corner and have a heart to heart talk :D I swear those talk is amazing :D Heart to Heart talk is always amazing and nice :) But then they stop playing after got one stupid teacher scold us. Kanasai sia! She damn fierce! Stare at me and ask me what is the CCA and CCA teacher-incharge. I mean like hello? Can't you see that i'm not playing?? Why you scold me?? I did nothing wrong!! Haiz... It okay! I forgive the teacher because i think she too old and somehow blind.

 Okay! It already 1:45am in the morning liao!!! I have to sleep! Later on have band!! So goodnight all :D Muack! -wink- 

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