Monday, June 11, 2012

Father, Happy Belated Birthday :)

9 June is my Father birthday :D That night we went out eat dinner :D The dinner is awesome man!!! But i never take any photo hahahaha......Because i too hungry :P But.....I DID take 2 photos of me hahaha :D Wanna see? I bet a lot of people wanna hit me liao...Never take picture of foods but take pictures of myself hahaha :P
Me :P
Me and my brother :D

Unfortunately, the one i hate (my mother big brother) Which i don't know what to call him......Well....He came......Bustard please! Why his timing so good? Come at the right time -.- Have nice dinner for him....FREE SOME MORE! what the shit........ He keep on saying that her daughter very clever and beautiful and what not.........Hate him! Keep on compare me to zhen zhen, compare my sister to ting ting. Bustard please! Yes! I have to admit i keep on lose to zhen zhen because she clever. But the most idiotic thing is she compare ting ting with my sister! Bustard please! She same age to my sister but what she doing now? YOU TELL ME!! My sister is in university and she? She don't even have school i think. I heard that she at poly result is not good uh, no university want her. So HOW can she compare to my awesome sister! That bustard keep on say that ting ting got a lot of people woo her. WHAT THE SHIT! Feel like telling him that her daughter is upper social prostitute thats why a lot of guy bought her stuffs and what not. BUSTARD PLEASE! Thats not a nice thing to told relatives and to be proud of -.- Argh!!! For my sister, She have wonderful boyfriend okay! This shit always ruin my mood! GOSH!

Okay! Back to happy stuff! After dinner, we celebrated daddy birthday at home obviously :D The cake is also obviously a chocolate cake :D Actually we wanna buy durian cake de but.....i don't know why they change....But anyway, the chocolate cake is awesome :D It really taste good and also look good too :D

My daddy is so cute~ While we singing birthday song, he was like a conductor using his knife and swing and conduct us hahahaha :D Okay :D More picture :) 
Daddy conduct us hahaha :D
Cut cake yo!!!!~

Okay! Bye everyone :D

PS: This is the second post of the day~ Scroll down to read My first post :) 
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