Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Going out with LiWen :D (Day 2)

Hello everybody i'm back :)Holiday over le! :( Feeling so down this few days because of National Band Competition. So stress, depress and sad......I will try to blog about this in the next post other time..... Now let blog about going out with liwen day 2 :)
This is what i wear on day 2 :)

So i met Liwen and since i already ate my lunch so i never eat. But then i still accompany her since she never eat her lunch :)
This is her lunch! So nice! Mushroom soup and bread! Shit! Really regret blogging about this at midnight.....Make me hungry!!!
This is Liwen and her lunch!!! :D
Later on, we went shopping together :D And i bought 3 of it!
 This is how it look like when i tie it :D I tie it into braid :D

Okay back to topic!
Later on we go somerset and orchard since somerset got flea market there~ In the end i bought nothing and Liwen almost bankrupt hahahaa :D
In the MRT station ~

And then later on we decided to watch ghost on air~
This is the ghost on air tickets :)

After watching and then home sweet home :)
Down below is my picture! You have been warn!
My stupid tired face~

The picture above is taken when waiting for Liwen to finish her food :P


 Bleh! :P

Pictures above is taken when i'm home :)

So anyway end pictures with me and my brother :D

Bye everyone :D Muack :) 

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