Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Yay!!! Back to blogging :D Officially free!!! Hahahaha JOKING! Where got free sia! So many homework, projects and CCA schedule is a total........... *speechless* ..... I can't complain anything because NBC (National Band Competition) is coming up! And i LOVE band so it okay to have my schedule pack :D Heehee :) But this 2 week I'm free from anything because Band give us break :) So 14 June i will be back to school again :D I still prefer having band i was like....somehow don't know where to go....Okay! Back to topic! PISS! YES FREAKING PISS! But it only piss me for a while lah....Cannot piss too long later have a lot of pimple and wrinkle *sob* Yesterday was planning to do English project de. But then problem coming up! Sharmin have camp and Shuang eye infection so we change to Thursday~ Then Thursday Ziyun seem like she cannot so she will confirm with me again. Actually all this i not piss at all because i don't like to do project so i don't care~ Hahahaha :D The more piss is TODAY! Actually today i go out shopping with my sister de. But CANNOT ! :'( Seriously what going wrong?! So nevermind. Later on, she Whatapp me. I found out that one of the blogshop give me wrong item! KANASAI SIA! So i ask for refund. It freaking $15 you know??? Plus the Item is just only one shirt! So is FREAKING EXPENSIVE! So yah :) Refund DONE :D *HAPPYGIRL97* So, i plan to on computer and blog :D And also clear some of my blog links since a lot of people deleted their blog and change their link so yup CLEAR! Seriously! I'm quite piss lor. A lot of my friends private their blog and.....NEVER INVITE ME! SHIT U ALL!!! So, i deleted their blog since cannot read anyway so why don't delete it right? Waste space only mah! Put your blog private is like you no blog at all. People can't even read it -.- And you private your blog = nobody can read = nobody know you :) So DON'T BLAME PEOPLE FOR NOT KNOWING YOU! Seriously, blog is for people to read. You private it also no use -.-

YUP! That all for now :) BYE ;)

P.S. All i wrote did not against anyone. If you feel offended so be it uh ;) It is because of Guilty Conscience ;)
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