Monday, June 18, 2012

Sister Taiwan Trip~

Sister came back from Taiwan Trip long time ago~ So i have to blog about it! Most of them is her stuffs.... I didn't really take all picture of the stuffs because it way too many! So let some of the photos speak ba... :)
This is the stuffs she bought back from Taiwan Trip!!!! So many! She went there just 2 luggage. One of the luggage is her while the other is her boyfriend. Yes! My sister went to Taiwan trip with her boyfriend! Sweet hor? Yea i know :) Okay! Back to main point! When she come back, suddenly have so many luggage! She bought luggage from Taiwan trip also because she can't squeeze her stuffs that she bought!
The first thing that caught my eyes is this pair of Hello Kitty slipper because she wearing it!!! So cute!!!!
She also bought the other 4 pairs of shoes~ I love the Floral slipper and the red colour shoes!!! Although all this shoes is not mine but i still happy because........I AND MY SISTER FEET SAME SIZE!!! WOOHOO!!!!! So that mean i can share with her!! HAHAHA :D -wink-
Next is this thing caught my eyes! Hahahaha :D So interesting :) It is CONDOM!!!! NAH! Just joking! This is 2 packet of delicious chocolate sweet! Taiwan make awesome stuffs like this kind! Hahaha :D My sister friends that time got bought for her one medcine but is sweet and the other one is pantie liner but is also sweet hahahaha :D My mum once thought that is pads and throw it at the pads drawer LOL!!!! And i was like screaming say that is sweet :P I love how they say choco is better than sex. THAT IS SO TRUE! I FREAKING LOVE CHOCOLATE!
My sister said that the fake eyelashes is cheap so she bought it :D YAY! I swear that fake eyelashes make your eyes look bigger! Differences very very VERY big!
The stitch, Hello Kitty handphone holder and Hello Kitty poker card :D My sister recently damn obsessed with stitch and hello kitty :)
This is the clearer view of the handphone holder and poker card :D Hello kitty everywhere~
My sister Domo bag.....I was kinda sad that she never give me this as present but......You know we can always share :)
Stitch pencil box??  and elmo + cookie monster plaster!!!!


So my sister gave me this first :) 2 elmo and cookie monster contact lense case :D And also Domo Earpiece! :D So cute!!!! :D
Chocolate cake photo/paper cliper and Taiwan sticky!!!!!~ My sister know i will choose that cliper because.....It kinda look like domo hahaha :D
My sister also bought me this pink colour stitch shirt :D My brother have a similar T-shirt as me :D But his colour is blue :)
Next! My sister pass me this! I was so surprise that i saw SHINee hahaha :D Let see what inside~
So....Inside is all this amazing stuffs :D 6 mask~ 2 etude house BB cream and 6 nail polishes :D
My sister also bought me 3 pair of cute sock :D Hello kitty, cookie monster and angry bird pig :D

She bought for me green contact lense :D
And also grey contact lense :D
Domo, domo, domo!!!! Domo hairband, Domo wallet and Domo pencilbox!!!! I LOVE YOU SISTER!
THIS! This is my last surprise!!!!! This dude standing at one corner! I totally become more happy!! Happygirl97! Hahahaha :D My domo soft toy!!!!!
You know this dude is freaking big because it coverd my upper body!!!!~
Obviously this is the only thing that whole family can share hahaha :D And that is Taiwan foods!~
End this post with my sister and her boyfriend photo! Yup! They writes wishes on that lantern and it did come true! :D

PS: There still lot more stuffs but i did not take photos of it because it way too many!~ My sister also bought a lot of nice clothes :D She still gave me two pretty long pants :D

Okay byebye :) Muack! -wink-
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