Monday, July 30, 2012

Short post :)

Hey viewers :) This going to be a short post :) Didn't do my coursework and i don't want to care anymore. Didn't study for my math test either.... But i will wake up at 5 am to study lah but not for coursework :P Go out with Ziyun and Gillian today :) Will blog about it next post then :) Okay! All this pictures you seeing down below is some very very super random drawing when i was bored and angry :) 

 Creepy spongebob and patrick
 monster tearing heart
 French horn AKA French fries
WTF is this?? 
PS: some drawing is random until i don't even know what i draw.....

 Peacock!!! This is dedicated to someone i hate :) But i don't really hate him anymore.... :) 
I draw peacock is because he as proud as peacock thats why :)
This is me and ZiYun draw de :) 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Things that i/sis bought online/outside

Sorry for not been posting~ Hahaha :D Been busy! Need to study a lot of test :( This coming Monday have Math test :( Haiz...... So stress! Have been hearing weird noise recently....Especially Thursday! Damn scary....I will post about that in the other post. I tell my parents about sister, Joseph, Siew Yi and My classmates......And they all was like.....Scared and tell me be careful.... Not only that, recently my friends all very bad luck. Got one bird still Poo on to One of my friend shirt sia! Scared until she throw away her uniform.....And also today i found out one of my friend break with her boyfriend.... Haiz.... bad luck! Please please go away and stay far far away from my friends please please! Good luck please come in!! Yesterday also borrow my instrument home :) Love my french fries so much!!! My mum still gave me early birthday present and is french horn pin!!! I love it! But the tag there say is Trumpet....seriously who so no knowledge sia! French horn also don't know. Damn angry! Anyway straight to topic :) Yup! Things that i bought online :D Pictures time :)

Love and wing ring :)
Stars connector ring :)
 Owl ring :)
Mustard and smile  necklace :)
Mustard connector ring :)
contact lens :)
Hanabi red :)

 Hello Kitty Glasses :)
Contact lens again :P
Is Pearl black and kirei green if i'm not wrong :)

Okay let proceed to sister stuffs which is a lot~

Leopard print slipper~
Hello kitty shirt :) The blogshop owner still do us cute bead :)
 Pink envelop wallet :)
 Leopard print belt :)
Hello kitty watch
Hello kitty blue lens :)

Things that i/sis bought outside~ 
My domo shirt :) So cute :)
 My Skort :) not skirt 
Sister Hello kitty phone cover 
 Me and sister Eyeliner :)
 Sister lens ;)
My domo shirt, dust cap :)
 Sister Hello kitty phone cover again :)
 My floral romper 
 My demi short :)
Sister jacket :) The heart shape buttons really nice!
My clog shoes :) bought from AMK beta and all the sale lady suck like hell. Always show attitude!
 Lens case :)
Inside :)
 Eille gave me this :)
She bought from Japan :) Very delicious :)
Daiso :) Cleanser pad :)
 Lao ban beansurd :) 
 Taiwan money!
 MP3? MP4? 
 Travel contact lens
Cover protection
My childhood chocolate :)
My mum bought this :)
Chicken :)
Milo nugget :) I love chocolate too much le :)
Chocolate milo~
Lao ban beansurd :) Who jealous? :P

PS: Oh mi Tian! This make me hungry!