Sunday, July 15, 2012


 Argh! So busy!!!! Just done all my math and Amath homework :) But still left bio and that stupid F&N coursework :( Need do Diana wts..... BUSY!!!!~ Anyway just print finish band score for my junior :) But i print until all slanted :( So fail..... Hope they don't mind....If they mind i sexual abuse them uh!! Hahaha joking! My printer ink fly again :( anyway, today topic is about hair :) Yup. Different hairstyle that i tie for my sister ,myself and friends :D So let picture speak again :D 
Sharmin waterfall :D 
After edit :) 
 My braid with small mirco braid :)
After edit :)
 Braid with ribbon :)
After edit :)
 Braid with 2 ribbon :)
After edit :)

 Sister waterfall :)
After edit :)
 Side Braid!
Edit :)

 I super love the wave after braiding!

Edit :)
I know you all see this before :) But it part of braiding too :)
 Trying out new hairstyle for sister :)
 Rib Cage Braid :)

Nice right?? :P
 Sister say she like my micro braid so i braid one for her

 Normal Braiding :) 
Edit :)

Hope you all enjoy looking at this hairstyle :D All it take are some time and practice :D 

Left one picture the previous post :P Taken by Mrs Theodore :D
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