Sunday, July 22, 2012

NVSB Biscuits and Donuts :D / Valentine days presents / Christmas presents

This suppose to upload long ago but i didn't have the time. Although now i also no time but i think i shouldn't keep my viewer waiting :D Yesterday, went to visit Clara new blog :) I was so surprised that she praise me on her blog hahaha :D Anyway recently keep having bad dream about band and studies......Haiz....A few sad things happen..... Someone say me extra, keep stalking and don't know anything anyhow say. So okay. From now onward, i'm not going to stalk, not going to care, not going to give a fuck/damn, not going to gossip anything and stuffs like that. I'M NOT GOING TO. Since Bubzbeauty once say that friends that gossip with you often will end up gossip about you behind your back. Well, what bubzbeauty said is true. So i'm not going to gossip anyone else anymore. This is not the first time i experience people backstab me. So it okay. I'm use to it already. How pathetic can it be. I'm gonna change for the best but i will still be the unique me :)
Unique me. I will change for the best but not change for someone else. 
Picture credit to Ziyun :) 

 Just incase you all wonder what i doing.....It actually this! Nice uh :) I freaking love the hand print :D
Picture credit to Ziyun :)
I also take a picture with Sharmin too :)

Okay! Back to topic! Biscuit and Donuts :) Band is having fund raising that time (long time :P) . So we doing Biscuit and Donuts and sell it at Valentine Day :) 
I know me and Claire is incharge of icing :) But we did do dough too :) I forget who still doing.....But i know Mrs theodore, Mrs Sim and Miss Ng did help....Oh Miss Huang also. Then me, Claire, Chloe, Jennifel, Ellie and some other help....Sorry i forget who le....
Doing icing!!!! :D Me and Claire keep secretly eating the icing because it so sweet!! Damn nice! 
This is my hot pink icing :)
This is Claire white icing :)
Let started creating design! LOL! Chocolate is teacher melt de so we need to dip the donuts with chocolate! Yummy! I secretly eat the chocolate too! It taste just right! Not too sweet and not too bitter even though is dark chocolate :) The donuts also we fried our-self de! 

Finally see the biscuit! :D

 I love this heart shape icing donut because this is i do de :D 

This is i do de also :D Left one inspire by couple while the right one inspire by powerpuff girl xD

 In the end, teacher choose 11 biscuit :) I forget which is my design but i know the powerpuff girl design is mine and the 3 heart is mine :) 
In the end, teacher choose 8 donuts :) I know the stripe is mine, white and pink heart shape is mine :) The complicated white thingy is Claire do de! Look complicated but damn easy to do! Look damn nice also! 

Miss Ng is freaking talented man!!!! I love her handwriting when using Light pink icing!!!! So freaking nice!!! *Jealous*  She is also one of the best band teacher incharge! :D
So teacher ask us want to bring back the left over chocolate and icing back and obviously me and Claire shouted YES! 
 My icing and chocolate :)
Claire icing and chocolate :)
I also ordered one each :) It taste so nice too :)

I still remember when we do finish we cut it and have a taste test :) Give our senior/junior eat :) As for the choosen biscuit and donuts we keep it so at recess time we can put out and see people want to order which :) 

Valentine day also can be friendship day and single day i guess. Because even though i no boyfriend i still receive a lot of presents :)

Left side is ReiChi give me de. Right side is Lena give me de :)
This is Eugene give me de :)
This is Gwendolyn give me de :)

During the Christmas holiday i also receive a lot of presents from bandmates :D 
So cute right!!!! But I forgot who give it to me le.... sorry....
This presents is from Chloe :)
This present is from Claire :)
This presents is from Gwendolyn :)
I dance 3 times of chicken dance infront of the whole band just for this present!!!! LOL! I know this is from who :) Is from Kwan Yeu :)
Thank you all for giving me presents :) 
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