Sunday, July 22, 2012

Senior gift :)

Hey readers! This is my second post of the day! So please check out the post that i blog under this blog post about NVSB biscuit and donuts :) Okay! Let get started :) I'm so addicted to blogging :P nowaday even though i busy :P I still have F&N coursework undone!  Before Speech day A.K.A Before senior leave, french horn section, me, Claire, Clara and Siew Yi make chocolate marshmallow for our beloved senior :D
Firstly we bought some stuffs first :D Our ingredients of course :D 
And then later on we went to Claire house and cook hahaha :D I still remember that day raining plus is a school day! I still remember the rain make my pant wet! Look like i'm peeing :'(
But funny thing happen! When we reach Claire house! Siew Yi went to the toilet and wanna take out her skirt! Then suddenly Claire brother come home! And at the same time Siew yi Open the toilet door and shout waving her skirt in the air! LOL!!! I pushes her back in the toilet immediately and told her that Claire brother at home! Hahahaha! That was so epic and funny!!! Anyway! Let start!
So we using this pretty heart shape bowl and heat the chocolate :D With Claire brother help, we successfully light up the candle below :D
See! This is the below part :)
Let mash together :D
I feel like licking it! :(

So let see the melting process :)

Finally it melt! YAY! :D

So let start dipping marshmallow in :D

Sprinkle ! Other put chocolate chip :) But sadly i never take photo cos no time.

Look delicious! :D But later on we found out that the chocolate won't freeze :( We have tried various method already. We place the chocolate marshmallow into the freezer, fan it under a fan, dip it in ice cold water but still.......haiz...All failed :( Sorry senior that it look ugly......We really tried our best to make it look nice when putting in the package but still....haiz....

So me take a picture with the chocolate marshmallow :D
 In the package :)
The Chocolate marshmallow that i bring home :D It so many! I bring home a little, Clara bring home a little, Siew yi also bring home a little and somemore Claire there still have also! If i'm not wrong we do like over 50+ or maybe 100+ I forgot le :P
Obviously we cannot miss out group photo :D 
Claire house have secret room! See the stuffs at the back? A lot of decoration and stuffs :) And it can be move! And then inside is storeroom! Damn cool sia! 
So later on we clear out some rubbish and then wash some dishes for Claire. But later on we throw almost everything to Claire and we run back home hahaha :D It a fun day! :D
That day i wear this :)

Then back home, writing letter to senior :) Some of them i even draw! 
This is for Christopher! When he make a weird face he look exactly like mickey mouse!!!!
This is for Marcus Leong! Claire say he look like mouse. So the more she say the more he look like :P 
This is for Juay Hung! Everytime i sad or angry she will always do one action that make me laugh and it involve this peace sign :D 

Okay! End of post! This is just part of speech day only! Still have more! And i will update when i free :) 
Thank you senior for doing so much for us :D 

PS: Currently listening to band song while typing this :D Memories sia~ The song that i played with senior :) How i wish i can played it once again :) Some of the nice piece we never even touch again :'( 
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