Monday, July 30, 2012

Short post :)

Hey viewers :) This going to be a short post :) Didn't do my coursework and i don't want to care anymore. Didn't study for my math test either.... But i will wake up at 5 am to study lah but not for coursework :P Go out with Ziyun and Gillian today :) Will blog about it next post then :) Okay! All this pictures you seeing down below is some very very super random drawing when i was bored and angry :) 

 Creepy spongebob and patrick
 monster tearing heart
 French horn AKA French fries
WTF is this?? 
PS: some drawing is random until i don't even know what i draw.....

 Peacock!!! This is dedicated to someone i hate :) But i don't really hate him anymore.... :) 
I draw peacock is because he as proud as peacock thats why :)
This is me and ZiYun draw de :) 
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