Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Random~ Secondary school~

Mention 21 of your friends without thinking :)

1)  Liwen

2) Ebenezer

3) SiewYi

4) Ziyun

5) Gillian

6) Clara

7) Claire

8) ReiChi

9) Lena

10) Lingli

11) Ibnu


13) Gwendolyn

14) Vanessa Chia

15) Jonathan Ngoh

16) Millenn

17) Jason

18) Christopher


20) Liang Hao 

21) Sakinah

How did you meet 7? [Claire]

->Secondary school :D Band :)

What would you do if you and 15 never meet? [Jonathan Ngoh]

-> Hmm.... it okay lor? 

What would you do if 21 and 1 dated? [Sakinah, Liwen]

-> I will be happy! LOL!! Hahaha nah, they do not know each other :)

Have you seen 17 cry? [Jason]

-> Nope :)

Would 4 and 16 make a good couple? [Ziyun, Millenn]

-> Nope :)

Do you think 11 is attractive? [Ibnu]

-> Hahahaha yes!  Attractive in a gay way hahaha :X

What's 2 favourite colour? [Ebenezer]

-> Blue :)

When was the last time you talked to 9? [Lena]

-> Just now after school :)

What language does 8 speak? [Reichi]

->Chinese, english and teochew or hokkian?? I forgot le :P

Who is 13 going out with? [Gwendolyn]

-> Her lower woodwind clique? :)

What age is 16? [Millenn]

-> 13 :)

Would you ever date 3? [Siew Yi]

->Yes :) In a friend way :)

Where does 18 live? [Christopher]

-> Hmm.....Sengkang? Punggol? Hougang? hahahaha Oh my... i don't know :(

What is the best thing about 14? [Vanessa Chia]

-> Straightforward. Good listener :)

What would you like to tell 10 right now? [Lingli]

-> hmm....nothing? hahaha :P

What is the best thing about 20? [Liang Hao]

-> Caring :)

Have you ever kissed 2? [Ebenezer]

-> Nope!!

What's the best memory you have for 5? [Gillian]

-> Go out together and take neoprint :D

When's the next time you're going to see 4? [Ziyun]

->Tomorrow morning :)

How is 7 different from 6? [Claire, Clara]

-> Hmm...Name'? hahaha :P

Is 2 pretty? [Ebenezer]

-> Yup! LOL!!! Cute !

What was your first impression on 15? [Jonathan Ngoh]

-> He look like Timothy Kor!

How did you meet 3? [Siew yi]

-> Band :)

Is 1 your best friend? [Liwen]


Do you hate 12? [Lixuan]

-> Nope!

Have you seen 18 in the last month? [Christopher]

-> Yeah! 

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Loving this! Hahahaha :D
 Finally it Friday!!!~ Finally.....Today everything going....well :) Mood is happy hahaha LOL! So.... consider hahaha :D Good! I When i'm Happy :) Today Amath retest is easy :) Confirm will pass! If fail......Confirm more than my previous mark hahaha :D Finally know my Chinese oral result :) I'm so happy :D A1 eh!!! Prove to that Chinese teacher face HA! The Whatapp group also very active and funny :) Just because of the colour name they go create new group and the group name is so damn funny!!! But it okay....I'm kind of happy that they still use back the old whatapp group because that have so much memories!! Horoscope sometime is true though.....Because this week suck  except for today......The horoscope tell me to hold on and everything will be okay and will be successful....Well... true ^^ Have been fever and headache but i still went to school and band :) Being a typical guai kia i cannot miss any lessons!! Miss lesson = die. YES! I have conquer all the obstacles! But there a new challenges for me :( Next week is like hell also, so many tests!~ *Faint* I have to overcome it! Come on Fann! You can do it! :D Anyway, at night I have a date with this silly girl ;)
Yes! Skype call with her :D And also webcam :D I love her to the very very max man! She my listening ear :D I tell her every single thing!! Bad thing, good thing, interesting thing, emo thing, silly thing etc i everything tell her! We still can tell each other that we shitting! Hahahahaa! We both also very straightforward :D THAT IS WHY I LOVE HER! 

Hope our friendship last long long~ :D HUAT AH!!!

PS: I skip F&N combine with Art lessons again....Because it so damn boring....

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Screw week

 People! Have you notice something slightly different in my blog? No...? Awww....
LOL! Please change the bunny to me please :) Thank you very much! If you have notice, I have delete some link in my blog because......I think is useless. So if your link been deleted....well....
Hahahaha :D Please take away yah~ I'm not gonna keep it.....I also change the mouse icon to cupcake icon :D Hahaha :)

Oh well.....Recently not in a good mood.....I feeling sad and depress! Especially today my Geography test....I flunked it when i study that! Oh well....I still can't get over it :'( Things being.....going so wrong this week....or maybe month... Oh well.... This week is full of test.... Tomorrow Chinese oral and i haven even prepared.....Seriously have to save me for the oral picture....i really very very super duper lousy on that..... You never save me for the geography is okay but oral...please....
 :( Thursday have biology test and Friday have retest of Amath coordinate Geometry which i very suck on.....Haiz....I hope all this thing will eventually over.....I super duper scared now...and i don't know why...
I don't even have the time to breakdown and cry.....

Monday, August 20, 2012

Random~ Primary school time!~

I don't know why after so long i then post this up.....Answer never been change....I think i forgot to publish during my primary school time hahaha :D I guess i'm gonna re-do for my secondary de :) And i think i gonna answer the question now with different colour....Didn't know i so childish last time hahaha :D 

Mention 21 of your friends without thinking :)
1) Siew Ching

2) Deon

3) LiXuan

4) Sylvia

5) PeiNi

6) Li Wen

7) Xuan Lin

8) Nicole

9) Jie Qian

10) Joleen

11) Michelle

12) Lynnette

13) Timothy

14) Juinn Quan

15) Rommel

16) Mandy

17) Cheng Yee

18) Bee Ching

19) Justyn

20) Chew Jian

21) Angelo

How did you meet 7? [xuan lin]

-> In school haha^^
 Yup in school :)

What would you do if you and 15 never meet? [rommel]

-> Of course do nothing lah, what can i do go die ah?!
Wow! Is that my answer last time hahaha :D But really...I can't do anything.... :\

What would you do if 21 and 1 dated? [Angelo, siew ching]

-> What can i do aiyo. I am sure they impossible together.
Yup! Impossible~

Have you seen 17 cry? [cheng yee]

-> Of course got lah.

Would 4 and 16 make a good couple? [sylvia, mandy]

-> Oh My God impossible.

Do you think 11 is attractive? [michelle]

-> I think so.....

What's 2 favourite colour? [deon]

-> I think is blue....
Yup! Is blue :)

When was the last time you talked to 9? [ Jie qian]

-> Before school dismiss......
Last time is before school is.......last 4/5 days?

What language does 8 speak? [nicole]

-> Chinese and english.
She now damn vulgar lor. I think she speak Chinese, English, Rubbish + Vulgarity

Who is 13 going out with?[timonty]

-> Is none of my business.
Oh my god!! I so rude last time??? Haiz.... Answer should be i don't know.

What age is 16? [Mandy]

-> Is 12.........But birthday never over yet(i think so )
Now should be 15 :)

Would you ever date 3? [li xuan]

-> IMPOSSIBLE i am not lesbian
Yes, I would date her as a friend :)

Where does 18 live? [bee ching]

-> How i know, i am not her.
True. I'm not i don't know.

What is the best thing about 14? [Juinn Quan]

-> Maybe is kind?!
The best thing about Juinn Quan is he very very super duper kind :)

What would you like to tell 10 right now? [Joleen]

-> i will say ' You got watch boy over flower ?'
Now...I will ask how is she..

What is the best thing about 20? [chew jian]

-> I don't know........Maybe quiet......
Not really know him but he really very quiet!!! 

Have you ever kissed 2? [Deon]

-> of course not, i am not a lesbian. If is Goo Jun Pyo i will go kiss de.^^
Oh! The answer change! We did kiss before! On the cheek :) Because we so long never meet and miss each other like siao so we hug and kiss :) But i'm not lesbian!!! So....yah :) 

What's the best memory you have for 5? [peini]

-> At the east coast park cos she teach me gow to ride bicycle^^.
Yes that is the best memory.....But from now think until that time......I ownself learn bicycle because they all go eat and i ownself at there learn... yup :) 

When's the next time you're going to see 4? [sylvia]

-> In school of course, but i can see her right now because i have her photo.
Maybe next year? Or see her photo?:P Hahaha!!

How is 7 different from 6? [xuan lin, li wen]

-> Their names are different.
Oh yeah! Their name different! Clever answer!

Is 2 pretty? [deon]

-> Of course.
Of course!

What was your first impression on 15? [rommel]

-> My first impression is where did he came from...
I forgot his first impression LOL!

How did you meet 3? [li xuan]

-> Of course in school lah, heaven meh...or hell......
Yup! In school! We became friend because we too engross in club penguin that time :D Recess always no eat and go 1766 play computer :D

Is 1 your best friend? [siew ching]

->Still have chance to be my best friend.
Can't consider as best friend.....Friend i guess :)

Do you hate 12? [lynnette]

-> No because i don't really know her.

Have you seen 18 in the last month? [bee ching]

-> No because she go dating with a boyfriend
LOL! My answer so rude!! Bee Ching damn innocent man! LOL!!! Nope i never see her. 

Last year post 3

Last year post 1-3 have been updated :D Scroll down to see new post!~
十一月十一日对很多青少年来说是一个很特别的日子。 他们说 11/11/11 在早上十一点十一分和晚上十一点十一分许愿会实现。 他们也说要和情人浪漫的度过这一天。 而我呢?你们来猜猜看我会怎么度过呢? 其实当天正好是课外活动的露营,三天两夜,所以我是在学校度过的。 早上十一点十一分,我和朋友在咖啡店见面。 我们一边聊天一边吃早餐,然后就去买一些糖,零食和汽水。 去到学校还是像往常一样,练我们的曲子。 可是一到晚上就是我们的游戏时间了。 我们分成六至七组,然后一些人会给我们提示。 他们的提示是一张图,我们必须认得出那张图的地方,然后去那个地方完成一些任务。 之后,最后一个地点竟然是我们的音乐室! 我的组员很高兴当他们知道我们是第二名。 不过,当然也是挺难过因为没能拿第一名。 之后,我们吃完宵夜就各自回教室里去。 我很幸运因为我可以睡在音乐室里,所以很快的我进入了梦乡。

第二天早上,梳洗完毕后,就到操场上集合做早晨运动。 可是因为我负责准备早餐所以我不用做早晨运动。 吃完早餐后就跟平常一样练习曲子。 到了下午, 我们又集合在操场,然后步操。 到了晚上,吃完晚餐后又是游戏时间。 这次的游戏很刺激! 因为我们会扮鬼吓人。 本来我觉得吓人会很好玩的, 可是我错了。 而且错得很离谱。 那些中一的人根本不知道我们会吓他们, 可是不知道谁泄漏了秘密, 所有人都知道了。 他们不但没有被吓到还嘲笑我们,说我们很无聊。 不只这样, 他们讽刺我们还满口脏话的骂我们。 那天我真的很失望。我的失望不是他们没被吓到,而是失望他们的言行举止。 他们根本没有想到我们为了筹备这个游戏, 我们花了很多心思去想。 我们在假期里还回来学校彩排。他们根本就不知道我们花了很多心思,绞尽脑汁的去想要给他们什么有趣的游戏。 我真的很失望。 当天我们都睡不着。 我们一边哭一边谈心事,直到凌晨三点才睡。第三天,也就是露营的最后一天。 早上我们练习曲子和步操。 之后就回家。

在这次的露营我学到很多,也知道团队精神是很重要的。 每当想起,我都好想要多一次像这样的露营,有喜怒哀乐。虽然那时很想家,不过这次的露营让我学会怎么独立。 希望他们再举办这样的露营,我一定不会错过。

我非常喜欢这张照片! 我觉得那个摄影师所拍的角度很对。她拍到我们都很认真的练习我们的曲子。其实当她拍的时候我真的不知道,直到她放上网我才知道。不知道为什么,当我告诉人家说我的乐器是法国号的时候,很多人都不相信。 应该是我的体形小,所以他们都不相信吧。法国号虽然很重也很难玩,不过我觉得它很有挑战性,我还是喜欢它。

Extra photo! 

Liang Hao and Christopher :D
Giving presents! I still remember i write one whole essay to liang hao and ruimin :D 
 Oh my god! Why slanted?? Anyway i lazy rotate but you all can see right? right! Okay Liang Hao and Ruimin gave us a lot of present so we choose :D I choose this chocolate cookies because i'm a cookies lover too :D And also they gave me SHINee badge too and RuiMin bake chocolate mint biscuit also very nice! Yup! Although it long, i still remember :) 

Last year post 2

十二月十三日是一个特别的日子。 这一天,我和几个要好的小学同学团聚。不只是这样,其中有一位还在当天生日呢,所以我们可以顺便帮他庆祝生日。 我非常的高兴因为自从升上中学以后,大家都很忙碌,都没有时间一起出去玩。 而且我们已经一年多没有见面了。 不过幸好我们还有联络。

当天我们在子轩家集合因为是他的生日。我们也买了很多东西因为我们将会去东海岸公园烧烤。 当然我们也买了蛋糕。 到了那里我们马上开始烧烤。我们一边吃一边聊天,大多数讲的都是小学时的时光和生活上所遇到的一些困难和问题。 之后那些男生就去玩飞盘。我还记得我问了一个非常愚蠢的问题。 因为我的一个朋友叫秀晴,她突然问 frisbee(飞盘) 在那里。 我还以为 frisbee 是一个人的名字所以我去问她 frisbee 是谁。 之后全部人听后都笑到肚子痛。 过后他们向我解释我才知道 frisbee 是飞盘不是人,真是闹了一个笑话。

到了晚上,我们点了蜡烛然后唱生日歌。 点蜡烛不容易哦。 因为那里风很大,火每次灭,所以我们可是费了九牛二虎之力才把它点起来的。 吃完了之后,我们叫路人帮我们拍照好让我们可以收那张照片做为纪念。之后我们一拍完照就马上收拾我们的东西,把地方清理干净,然后我们就各自回家。

这是我最开心的一天。 虽然一年没见面,不过他们一点都没变。 跟他们聊天让我发现,其实他们所遇到的困难我也有过。 他们让我知道我不是一个人的。 还有他们会在我身边陪我。 当然通过聊天也让我更深的了解他们。 他们是我最好的朋友!

这就是我们为子轩精挑细选的蛋糕。 虽然不是说很美或很特别,不过这个蛋糕我们可是待在店里面很久才决定要买的。 原因其实很简单,我们只是要选一个蛋糕可以合我们大家的胃口。 我很开心当我们决定买巧克力口味的蛋糕,因为我最喜欢巧克力了。 虽然当天不是我的生日,不过我还是把大部分的蛋糕吃得精光。

这是我们的合照。虽然只有八个人(包括我在内),可是我们还是玩得很开心。 这张照片是我们叫路人帮个忙,帮我们拍的。虽然都是叫陌生人拍的不过都拍得很好看, 而且他们人也很好。 我还记得有个阿姨拍玩后,叫我们快点回家因为很晚了。 虽然她叮咛我们快点回家,不过当我们回到家时已经是凌晨了。 这还是第一次我这么晚回家呢! 虽然玩到很晚,不过我们玩得很开心。

Extra photos! :D 

Luna Pony :)

Fluttershy :)

I even give Timothy Keychain :)

 The wave~

Li wen!! :D

6.4 :D I miss my classmates and teachers.....But this year family i'm not going back....sorry....i have my own reason.....

 Me :) How i wish i can go back to primary school.....where i was.... truly happy.... haiz... :(

In the bus, chatting :D 

Xuan lin, me and Li wen :D 

Reach destination :D Start BBQ!~ I look so happy..... :)

 Deon and Siew Ching 
Argh! Hunchback! :( See my old hair!!! Haven rebond that time~

Xuan Lin and me :D Butter the food!!! I still remember hee! :{D

Epic!!! Seeing siew ching!! I damn scared the fire will suddenly boom! And then burn until our face sia! 

 Collect foods! 
 Deon and me :D 

Cake :D Chocolate somemore :D

Done :D I miss them so much :) 

Last year post!

I finally know why i thought i already blog but actually i never! Oh my god! I actually write all those memorable on my lms.asknlearn blog! *facepalm* That is for my Chinese project homework!!! My god!! How could i forget??? :( Sorry guy!! I.......haiz..... It okay :) I will copy and paste here :) And sorry that it in Chinese!!! I lazy translate :( Sorry! I will break this post into 3posts ! Sorry! :(

 学校假期里你们做了什么? 我呢,过得很充实。 不是和朋友出去玩就是回去学校上课外活动。 在假期里我做了很多事, 其中最有意义的是我们的课外活动要我们参与社区活动。 这个活动非常的有意义,是捐钱给老人院的。我还记得我们拿着捐款箱在路上走来走去的叫陌生人捐款。 起初我很害羞,像木头人一样傻傻的站在那里一动也不动。 可是我发现如果我不主动一点是筹不到钱的。所以慢慢的我走向前叫他们捐款,然后跟他们说明这些钱是帮助老人的。

每当他们捐款我们会给他们一个蓝色贴纸,感谢他们的慷慨解囊。 这也可以让我们知道他们已经捐了。 当然不是每个人都肯捐,有些人还很没有礼貌。我发现大多数捐钱都是中年妇女和老人。 不过就有一个青少年最吸引我。 因为他是唯一一个青少年主动走向我们要捐钱的。 当我要给他贴纸时,他拒绝了。 我不懂为什么所以就一直看着他。后来,我看见他走向我的朋友然后又捐了钱。 这次我才明白为什么他不要贴纸了。 还有一位老婆婆大约八十岁,坐着轮椅主动捐钱。 这让我非常的感动。

做完了这个活动我感到无比的快乐。这个活动让我知道这世界不是丑陋的,也有很多人想帮助那些老人。 虽然之后我很累,可是我很开心。 俗语说助人为快乐之本,我终于体会到这句话的含义了。

这个就是我所说的蓝色贴纸。因为我有捐所以我拿了一个当做纪念。 有钱出钱,有力出力嘛。虽然我捐得不多,可是会积少成多的嘛。不止这样,当老师来查看我们有没有认真“工作”时,我们都跑过去叫她捐一点钱。老师很慷慨,一人捐两块。 所以加起来老师应该捐了十块。十块对我们来说是一个很大的数目,所以我们非常的高兴,不停的向老师道谢。 那天是我说过最多谢谢和鞠躬最多的一天。

PS: I do this volunteer with Sec 2 band members :D

Saturday, August 18, 2012

29.07.12 :)

This should be a long ago post also hahahaha :D Oh my.......29/7/12 is cheer up day for Gillian :) So Ziyun, Me and Gillian go out shopping together :D Happy! But the mainpoint is.........Neoprint! :D 
My outfit! 

 I love this
I love this too!

I even bought sogurt!!!~ 

Eat until so full......~ :D Chocolate lover uh :)

Gillian and me :)

Obviously i won't forget to camwhore myself! 
Doraemon :D

Bleh! :P
Okay! Enough! I'm tired!
The end product :)

PS: Gillian, please be happy :) 旧的不去,新的不来 :) So Cheerup!

PS: Almost all photos is taken by Ziyun and Gillian!