Saturday, August 18, 2012

29.07.12 :)

This should be a long ago post also hahahaha :D Oh my.......29/7/12 is cheer up day for Gillian :) So Ziyun, Me and Gillian go out shopping together :D Happy! But the mainpoint is.........Neoprint! :D 
My outfit! 

 I love this
I love this too!

I even bought sogurt!!!~ 

Eat until so full......~ :D Chocolate lover uh :)

Gillian and me :)

Obviously i won't forget to camwhore myself! 
Doraemon :D

Bleh! :P
Okay! Enough! I'm tired!
The end product :)

PS: Gillian, please be happy :) 旧的不去,新的不来 :) So Cheerup!

PS: Almost all photos is taken by Ziyun and Gillian! 
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