Saturday, August 11, 2012

Liang Hao Birthday :)

Hey viewers :) 7 June is Liang Hao birthday So we, the french horn section decide to celebrate his birthday :) Hmm....not actual that day but belated :P And this is our first SUCCESS French horn outing ever! Firstly, I'm grateful that i'm not late because I ALWAYS late for people outing LOL! I still remember we meet at Compass point......Hmmm..... And i saw Christopher and Liang Hao but i run away LOL! Yah....I know why you all asking why i run away....Because Claire and Clara at bus stop there and i need to meet them first! Then later on we go nex :) Go eat obviously....But i forgot the name of the shop -Facepalm- But i know we eat sushi!!! Pictures time!! 
This is what i wear that time~ Simple uh! They thought i will put make-up but amazingly i never :P

I still remember a sale girl talk to me, teach me how to use the remote control to control the heat and i at there like listen until very attentively hahaha but in the end she ask me understand? And i was like huh? You talking to me? Hahahaha everyone laugh.....LOL But seriously i thought she talking to Liang hao they all mah....How i know she talking to me... And so this became my special power......People talk to me, Appearance seem attentive, inside never listen LOL. 
Rui Min taking out the prawn shell :D She like my mummy sia hahaha :D 
Something funny happened! Clara and Christopher taking hotdog and drop hahaha :D That's the most funny ever! Also we cannot waste food or else need pay extra we do one bad thing..... put the foods in tissue and......throw at the floor LOL and we run! So fun! 
Later on we decide what to watch for movie.....Then suddenly Claire grab my hand and before i know.....Clara, RuiMin, Claire was running and i also obviously! Then we run to buy cake....As for Christopher, he need to accompany LiangHao and keep him busy hahaha :D Yup! Cooperative uh ;) Buy cake and found out that we don't have lighter D: So me and Claire run to 7-11 and buy hahaha :D We quite lucky because LiangHao saw us and we run! Kind of like.....running man hahaha :D So finally we call them up and celebrate birthday! Liang Hao very surprise hahaha :D 
 See our cake! Angry bird! :D Cute hor? I know ;)

So he cut and blew~ the candle :)

So later we eat, chat and went home :) 

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