Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Private or Leave it?

Hey people :) Haiz.... Been really angry and sad about yesterday......I want to blog about it but i know i will offend until a lot of been thinking about private my blog.....but......i will lost my viewers so i decided not. So i will just say it. Since this is MY BLOG. So i can blog WHAT I WANT.  I have been really happy about that at first....but the more i think....the more sad and angry i get. What for if we create a group and play and competition when you know who to win. You are just being bias! You are just using us! Did you know that you are wasting our time? I pity those that work so hard for the pieces! And i blame myself for so naive and believe you. I understand why you being nice. I understand....Since you want them win you also want more competitor. Thats why you been asking people to form groups. But in the hurt like shit. I will still care that pieces and i still will train hard for it. Like what Siew Yi said, i just treat that piece as practice. But I will not wasting more time on it anymore. I should found out this earlier....since compared to other people pieces their pieces is so nice and we are like.........-.- I feel so betrayed!!!! I really want to thank Claire for telling me this thing. Or else my time is waste. Since you want them to win, why don't you don't ask all of us to create groups? You should just ask them to perform straight away and focus on them! Now you are like using all of us you know. Feel really angry and sad when i blog about this. I know i should focus on my studies instead of CCA.....But from my opinion, Competition must be FAIR! You call this fair? WTF? Like what Clara said...we are like lab rat. It always this part of me feel like quitting because this is too much. But because of the memories with senior and junior i can't bear to leave! Seriously this is too much. I swear i will hate you even more from yesterday onward. You freaking ruin everything. 
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