Monday, August 20, 2012

Random~ Primary school time!~

I don't know why after so long i then post this up.....Answer never been change....I think i forgot to publish during my primary school time hahaha :D I guess i'm gonna re-do for my secondary de :) And i think i gonna answer the question now with different colour....Didn't know i so childish last time hahaha :D 

Mention 21 of your friends without thinking :)
1) Siew Ching

2) Deon

3) LiXuan

4) Sylvia

5) PeiNi

6) Li Wen

7) Xuan Lin

8) Nicole

9) Jie Qian

10) Joleen

11) Michelle

12) Lynnette

13) Timothy

14) Juinn Quan

15) Rommel

16) Mandy

17) Cheng Yee

18) Bee Ching

19) Justyn

20) Chew Jian

21) Angelo

How did you meet 7? [xuan lin]

-> In school haha^^
 Yup in school :)

What would you do if you and 15 never meet? [rommel]

-> Of course do nothing lah, what can i do go die ah?!
Wow! Is that my answer last time hahaha :D But really...I can't do anything.... :\

What would you do if 21 and 1 dated? [Angelo, siew ching]

-> What can i do aiyo. I am sure they impossible together.
Yup! Impossible~

Have you seen 17 cry? [cheng yee]

-> Of course got lah.

Would 4 and 16 make a good couple? [sylvia, mandy]

-> Oh My God impossible.

Do you think 11 is attractive? [michelle]

-> I think so.....

What's 2 favourite colour? [deon]

-> I think is blue....
Yup! Is blue :)

When was the last time you talked to 9? [ Jie qian]

-> Before school dismiss......
Last time is before school is.......last 4/5 days?

What language does 8 speak? [nicole]

-> Chinese and english.
She now damn vulgar lor. I think she speak Chinese, English, Rubbish + Vulgarity

Who is 13 going out with?[timonty]

-> Is none of my business.
Oh my god!! I so rude last time??? Haiz.... Answer should be i don't know.

What age is 16? [Mandy]

-> Is 12.........But birthday never over yet(i think so )
Now should be 15 :)

Would you ever date 3? [li xuan]

-> IMPOSSIBLE i am not lesbian
Yes, I would date her as a friend :)

Where does 18 live? [bee ching]

-> How i know, i am not her.
True. I'm not i don't know.

What is the best thing about 14? [Juinn Quan]

-> Maybe is kind?!
The best thing about Juinn Quan is he very very super duper kind :)

What would you like to tell 10 right now? [Joleen]

-> i will say ' You got watch boy over flower ?'
Now...I will ask how is she..

What is the best thing about 20? [chew jian]

-> I don't know........Maybe quiet......
Not really know him but he really very quiet!!! 

Have you ever kissed 2? [Deon]

-> of course not, i am not a lesbian. If is Goo Jun Pyo i will go kiss de.^^
Oh! The answer change! We did kiss before! On the cheek :) Because we so long never meet and miss each other like siao so we hug and kiss :) But i'm not lesbian!!! So....yah :) 

What's the best memory you have for 5? [peini]

-> At the east coast park cos she teach me gow to ride bicycle^^.
Yes that is the best memory.....But from now think until that time......I ownself learn bicycle because they all go eat and i ownself at there learn... yup :) 

When's the next time you're going to see 4? [sylvia]

-> In school of course, but i can see her right now because i have her photo.
Maybe next year? Or see her photo?:P Hahaha!!

How is 7 different from 6? [xuan lin, li wen]

-> Their names are different.
Oh yeah! Their name different! Clever answer!

Is 2 pretty? [deon]

-> Of course.
Of course!

What was your first impression on 15? [rommel]

-> My first impression is where did he came from...
I forgot his first impression LOL!

How did you meet 3? [li xuan]

-> Of course in school lah, heaven meh...or hell......
Yup! In school! We became friend because we too engross in club penguin that time :D Recess always no eat and go 1766 play computer :D

Is 1 your best friend? [siew ching]

->Still have chance to be my best friend.
Can't consider as best friend.....Friend i guess :)

Do you hate 12? [lynnette]

-> No because i don't really know her.

Have you seen 18 in the last month? [bee ching]

-> No because she go dating with a boyfriend
LOL! My answer so rude!! Bee Ching damn innocent man! LOL!!! Nope i never see her. 
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