Sunday, September 30, 2012


Actually wanna blog about my birthday thingy...... But my mood is being....ruin.... Well......people around me is having their own problems.....friendship problems...and relationship problems.... isn't all this sound so pathetic? I have non of the above...maybe? But i can't even cheer them up....I feel so pathetic...and useless... How i wish i am there to hug them when they feeling down.... :( That's the best i can do le.... haiz.... Sorry people if i wanna cheer you up but end up making you feel worse....I'm sorry...I'm not good at cheering people up....I even will end up being annoying and irritating and say wrong stuffs... I'm really really sorry. And also sorry for those who worried about me too! I'm sorry! Really!! All cheer up...okay? Please? Haiz....

Anyway! EOY is just tomorrow! I have been studying my ss until siao! My god! *facepalm* Tomorrow is English paper...wish me good luck! :D Thank yah! BYE!
Isn't this so true?

PS: God give every bird worms, it just that he never directly throw it in their nest.....Oh my...I love this quote so much :')

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Practical dishes :)

This gonna be a short post because i have tons of things to do....So stress.... I feel like...I'm not me anymore. ARGH! I think i should just stop emoing hahahaha .... :) 

This is my dish 1 :) Banana muffins :) 
Dish 2 : Stuffed cucumber soup :)

I wanna thank god :) I have successfully done my 2 dish without burning down the kitchen :) Although my F&N never get A1 nor A2 but it somehow near there.. :) Thank :) I really must learn to appreciate things....Because....I know.... I have the feeling that....haiz...nevermind :)  THANK YOU VERY MUCH :D

Currently listening this song call : Breathe slow, sang by Alesha Dixon. Damn nice i swear!! I found all my old song in my old memory card...and a lot of memory... :) Will update soon :) 

PS: Don't worry guy. I'm not abusing myself with rubber band. I'm just.....Wanna keep myself awake when studying :) No worry ya :) 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Last year concert.....or maybe....last last year?

LOL! Hi people, i'm back. I know i know!!! I should be studying and not blogging but then.........i can't resist it hahahaha :D  I just transfer my photos to computer and i found out i still have a lot that never been blog! *bang wall* So i found out i went to last year or maybe last last year concert which i forgot le......Nevermind! Pictures speak!
Hi! :) First picture is me hahahaha! You all so pathetic sia keep seeing my face! WARNING! Still have more  ;) 

So..............From young to now, still have people say i look like tweety bird....So do i look like????? DO I???? Please say no because i don't think so! Hahahaha! OH! AND MY SHOELACE UNTIE!

 Me and Claire! Oh my....she so tall! Hahaha :D 

Me, Gwendolyn and Claire!

Oh yeah!!!! I remember le! Before go watch the concert, we celebrate Gwendolyn birthday! YUP! And we can't eat finish the cake and we throw it to the pond and feed the fish! Later on, we walk pass and a sign say no feeding, fish on special diet! And we was like shit shit! Somemore still have CCTV! Hahahaha! And we was like HURRY UP RUN!!! LOL! I hope the fishes never die........Sorry! :(

 Group picture!

Mr choy perform angry bird and.......

I got this angry bird hat!! :D Actually is Gwendolyn catch it, but then she don't want and gave it to me :D And i gave it to my brother since he like it so much :) 


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

EOY coming~

Yo people! Sorry for not updating my blog!! Sorry!!! EOY is coming! Just 6 more days! So scared sia.......I already know some of my CA mark and seriously i can just go jump down the building sua.... So damn lousy!! ARGH! Still have a lot of homework and tests even though exam coming! Seriously, the school never thought of us de sia! We need time to study de leh! Idiotic! Anyway i now still left a lot of homework......Gonna kill them all! BYE! JIAYOU EVERYONE FOR EOY~ 

PS: So stress :'( 

PS: Please have some originality. No matter how much you try to be like them, i tell you, you will never ever be like them. Just be yourself! 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Holiday ending~

Yo people! Sorry for not blogging the past few days ! Been slacking my life away hahaha :D Lazy, i know. Thursday was awesome! Will blog about that soon because we go see band concert :D And our bandmates is so funny!!!! Hahaha :D Holiday ending soon......SO SAD! I haven really done my homework....i still left my English book review and 2 pathetic A and E math worksheet waiting there for me to do them :( Argh!!! I just done my ace-learning and English compre......It so funny that i never listen to the English compre speech instead i go google search for answer hahaha :D But i wasted half of my life listen to that and still huh-ing! Most funny thing is i even almost fall asleep but fully awake after that because the speech got people clap hand and i scared until LOL! Talk about ace-learning just make me sad because i never get full mark! 1 question wrong :( Argh!.....Recently not that emo....... Because i keep hahahaha even though i'm not happy..... least i hahahaha i won't feel that sad....But my friends all thought i crazy and indirect me in twitter LOL! I know they just worried.......But it okay :) I'm really fine :) also happen a lot of stuff.....Like my father, mother illness and my grandmother eyes operation....Argh! It driving me crazy because i really worried......Argh! Don't say about it..... What i can do now is pray hard that they will be fine.... Hope that they healthy again.... Seriously.....I must really....really start to treasure them more.... :( Should stop here then.... Bye :) 

PS: I finally cut my hair! Bangs yo! 

PS: Although life suck....But i really don't end too soon....

I forgot to upload this pictures to beauty therapist topic hahahhaa :D PS!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Beauty therapist (Module)

Hey people! I tell myself that i need to blog something today because the previous post i post is too saddening.....My friend said he/she read until cried...Okay. So sorry! Please don't emo or anything....I'm fine now :) My sister want to create new blog so i help her create :D Help her change blogskins and add stuffs to it :D I am so happy :D She also compliment me on the blog hahaha :D So rare for her to compliment me xD JKJK!! She really having hello kitty fever!!! Hahaha :P 

One more thing! I was so surprise that i got care and respect certificate :D This is my second time get if i'm not wrong :)
Yup! Today topic is Beauty therapist :D Actually is our module only hahaha :D Let see.....Hmmm..... We have learn how to properly cleanse our face and stuff....Hmmm......go out shopping together....Hmmm....learn how to catwalk and also makeup and nailart :D Really really is a very fun experience and i love it :D I also get certificate for this :D 

I was kinda sad that i never win the makeup prize... But it okay :) 

Picture time! :D
Me and Reichi :D She is my model ;)

All the photos above is taken in bus when we go shopping hahaha :D

Then later on test the OPI nail polish LOL What i still test.....Hmmmm i test a lot.....I forgot liao :P

 Me and Eugenia :)
 Me and Reichi :)
Lena and me :D Hmm....I don't know who hand is that hahaha :D 
Me and Gillian :) 
Girls tend to camwhore a lot hahaha :D 
 This is our makeup teacher :D She very kind!!!
This is the teacher helper :D 
Later on i decided to doll up myself! Hahahaha LOL! Putting down fringe and wearing contact to school :D And guess what?! They say me look like paikia LOL! Maybe big difference....but i rarely do this okay! 

Decided to open black colour contact lens :) I once open until my hands bleed so is pretty dangerous hahaha :D But worth it man! It make my eyes so much bigger!

 Can u see the different????
Nice right?? Arrr i mean my eye!! Nice right?? :D 

 So this is me. Do i look like gangster??? No right? LOL! 
 Me and Reichi :D

 Eugenia, Reichi and me :D 

This is me......I love to camwhore lah!! Hahaha :D waiting at the hall for announcement so i can help my model (Reichi) to do makeup :D

Me and Lingli :D
So this is Reichi! Make up all done :D hahahaha :D I feel so satisfied :D
 Let me think who i waiting to pee finish......
Still have a lot of photos of me....But i think you all tired to see my face everytime le hahahaha :D So.....2 more pictures of me :D