Sunday, September 2, 2012

Beauty therapist (Module)

Hey people! I tell myself that i need to blog something today because the previous post i post is too saddening.....My friend said he/she read until cried...Okay. So sorry! Please don't emo or anything....I'm fine now :) My sister want to create new blog so i help her create :D Help her change blogskins and add stuffs to it :D I am so happy :D She also compliment me on the blog hahaha :D So rare for her to compliment me xD JKJK!! She really having hello kitty fever!!! Hahaha :P 

One more thing! I was so surprise that i got care and respect certificate :D This is my second time get if i'm not wrong :)
Yup! Today topic is Beauty therapist :D Actually is our module only hahaha :D Let see.....Hmmm..... We have learn how to properly cleanse our face and stuff....Hmmm......go out shopping together....Hmmm....learn how to catwalk and also makeup and nailart :D Really really is a very fun experience and i love it :D I also get certificate for this :D 

I was kinda sad that i never win the makeup prize... But it okay :) 

Picture time! :D
Me and Reichi :D She is my model ;)

All the photos above is taken in bus when we go shopping hahaha :D

Then later on test the OPI nail polish LOL What i still test.....Hmmmm i test a lot.....I forgot liao :P

 Me and Eugenia :)
 Me and Reichi :)
Lena and me :D Hmm....I don't know who hand is that hahaha :D 
Me and Gillian :) 
Girls tend to camwhore a lot hahaha :D 
 This is our makeup teacher :D She very kind!!!
This is the teacher helper :D 
Later on i decided to doll up myself! Hahahaha LOL! Putting down fringe and wearing contact to school :D And guess what?! They say me look like paikia LOL! Maybe big difference....but i rarely do this okay! 

Decided to open black colour contact lens :) I once open until my hands bleed so is pretty dangerous hahaha :D But worth it man! It make my eyes so much bigger!

 Can u see the different????
Nice right?? Arrr i mean my eye!! Nice right?? :D 

 So this is me. Do i look like gangster??? No right? LOL! 
 Me and Reichi :D

 Eugenia, Reichi and me :D 

This is me......I love to camwhore lah!! Hahaha :D waiting at the hall for announcement so i can help my model (Reichi) to do makeup :D

Me and Lingli :D
So this is Reichi! Make up all done :D hahahaha :D I feel so satisfied :D
 Let me think who i waiting to pee finish......
Still have a lot of photos of me....But i think you all tired to see my face everytime le hahahaha :D So.....2 more pictures of me :D 


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