Saturday, September 8, 2012

Holiday ending~

Yo people! Sorry for not blogging the past few days ! Been slacking my life away hahaha :D Lazy, i know. Thursday was awesome! Will blog about that soon because we go see band concert :D And our bandmates is so funny!!!! Hahaha :D Holiday ending soon......SO SAD! I haven really done my homework....i still left my English book review and 2 pathetic A and E math worksheet waiting there for me to do them :( Argh!!! I just done my ace-learning and English compre......It so funny that i never listen to the English compre speech instead i go google search for answer hahaha :D But i wasted half of my life listen to that and still huh-ing! Most funny thing is i even almost fall asleep but fully awake after that because the speech got people clap hand and i scared until LOL! Talk about ace-learning just make me sad because i never get full mark! 1 question wrong :( Argh!.....Recently not that emo....... Because i keep hahahaha even though i'm not happy..... least i hahahaha i won't feel that sad....But my friends all thought i crazy and indirect me in twitter LOL! I know they just worried.......But it okay :) I'm really fine :) also happen a lot of stuff.....Like my father, mother illness and my grandmother eyes operation....Argh! It driving me crazy because i really worried......Argh! Don't say about it..... What i can do now is pray hard that they will be fine.... Hope that they healthy again.... Seriously.....I must really....really start to treasure them more.... :( Should stop here then.... Bye :) 

PS: I finally cut my hair! Bangs yo! 

PS: Although life suck....But i really don't end too soon....

I forgot to upload this pictures to beauty therapist topic hahahhaa :D PS!

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