Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Last year concert.....or maybe....last last year?

LOL! Hi people, i'm back. I know i know!!! I should be studying and not blogging but then.........i can't resist it hahahaha :D  I just transfer my photos to computer and i found out i still have a lot that never been blog! *bang wall* So i found out i went to last year or maybe last last year concert which i forgot le......Nevermind! Pictures speak!
Hi! :) First picture is me hahahaha! You all so pathetic sia keep seeing my face! WARNING! Still have more  ;) 

So..............From young to now, still have people say i look like tweety bird....So do i look like????? DO I???? Please say no because i don't think so! Hahahaha! OH! AND MY SHOELACE UNTIE!

 Me and Claire! Oh my....she so tall! Hahaha :D 

Me, Gwendolyn and Claire!

Oh yeah!!!! I remember le! Before go watch the concert, we celebrate Gwendolyn birthday! YUP! And we can't eat finish the cake and we throw it to the pond and feed the fish! Later on, we walk pass and a sign say no feeding, fish on special diet! And we was like shit shit! Somemore still have CCTV! Hahahaha! And we was like HURRY UP RUN!!! LOL! I hope the fishes never die........Sorry! :(

 Group picture!

Mr choy perform angry bird and.......

I got this angry bird hat!! :D Actually is Gwendolyn catch it, but then she don't want and gave it to me :D And i gave it to my brother since he like it so much :) 

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