Saturday, September 29, 2012

Practical dishes :)

This gonna be a short post because i have tons of things to do....So stress.... I feel like...I'm not me anymore. ARGH! I think i should just stop emoing hahahaha .... :) 

This is my dish 1 :) Banana muffins :) 
Dish 2 : Stuffed cucumber soup :)

I wanna thank god :) I have successfully done my 2 dish without burning down the kitchen :) Although my F&N never get A1 nor A2 but it somehow near there.. :) Thank :) I really must learn to appreciate things....Because....I know.... I have the feeling that....haiz...nevermind :)  THANK YOU VERY MUCH :D

Currently listening this song call : Breathe slow, sang by Alesha Dixon. Damn nice i swear!! I found all my old song in my old memory card...and a lot of memory... :) Will update soon :) 

PS: Don't worry guy. I'm not abusing myself with rubber band. I'm just.....Wanna keep myself awake when studying :) No worry ya :) 
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