Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My birthday :) 30/7

Hello my little panda :D Finally I'm updating this! Yes! My birthday :D Thank friends and family for giving me presents and wishes :D I'm now trying to save up money and buy presents for you all because i know i still own a lot of people birthday presents :( I'm sorry! Forgive me please! *Puppy eyes* 

Yes! It quite obvious that i want a chocolate cake :D CHOCOLATE COME TO MAMA! :D Hahahaha :D Thanks sister and her boyfriend for buying me chocolate cake.
Thanks for the chocolate and durian eggtart too :D It really yummy! :D
Thanks sister for always been an awesome role model and help me and sponsor me so much stuffs hahaha :D

Clara send me a link of youtube and it is a birthday song :D She even write comment for me :) 
Thanks Clara for being a wonderful junior :) Remember, you must not too stress up too :) Any unhappiness my ears is always here :) Don't eveything bottle it up yah :) 

I first went into class and i saw this bar of chocolate on my table :) 
Thanks WenJiang! :)
Although sometime you are damn annoying and irritating and keep on offend until me, but you still a good friend of mine that have high tolerant and being very patient hahaha :D You have good handwriting so don't waste it! Write more and study hard! :)

Thanks Chloe for the adorable earpiece and card :D 
Thanks for always being like a big sister and always guide us and giving us information if you get what i mean...Hahahaa :D Thanks :)

Thanks Ebenezer for the Cookies and cream white chocolate :)
Thanks for being a good listening ear that always listen to me rant hahaha :D
Hmm...don't get emo too easily and don't tear too easily yah :) Stay strong :) 

Thanks Claire for the self make Biscuit :D Plus 1 page of composition (Card) Lollipop and beads thingy :) Thanks! :D
Thanks for your card! I really didn't expect you will write so much to it! Hahahaha :D We been through a lot and trust each other a lot :) I hope our friendship will last long long :D

Thanks Siew Yi for your mini choco, little note and notebook :D And your plastic bag is adorable!! :D
Thanks Siew Yi for being an awesome junior :) You also! Don't upset too easily!! And don't keep bottle it up your emotion :) Whatever you do, strive your very best :) Don't cry, must smile! Nothing is perfect so no need everything be perfect! Try your very best jiu can liao! :) 

Thanks my little brother for your necklace :) Although it is fake but i love it :) Thanks :) 
I know you won't be reading this but please study hard so next time can earn a lot of money and buy me real necklace okay? :) 

Thanks Gwendolyn for your chocolate, cards and clips :D 
Your bag is adorable too!! :D 
Stay healthy and cheerful yah :)

Thanks Syakir for your Ferrero Rocher :D
Don't keep depress and emo!! I really am shock that you are emo kind of person because you always seem so cheerful on the outside. Don't always so late go home! It dangerous!

Thanks ReiChi for giving me this adorable cow cup that said hard-working, observant and persistent :) 
Your bag is adorable too!! :D
Thanks! We been friend for like 3 years now :D I hope our friendship can last :) It so funny that you always did epic stuff (Not on purpose, it just happen on you) and make us laugh :) Hahaha :D Study hard too :)

Sorry for those people that have give me present but i never upload the pictures :( 
I know mum and Liwen give me present :D Really thank you! Mum give me French horn pin and Liwen give me chocolate and files :D Not only that Li wen still lend me 4 abuse books :D Li wen, if you ever read this, i now read finish 2 books le. I know i'm slow but then........I have no time to read... I will try my best to read finish de! Thanks all :D 

Thanks my mum too, although you always nag at me and stuff and i always get angry. But please forgive me. I'm not done it on purpose and i try really hard to control my temper. I love you mum :) I love how you can be parents and friend at time speaking vulgarity hahaha :D 

Remember i always love you all my dear friends and family :D

PS: Sorry that some pictures is small, i really try my best to make it larger le :( 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

New Hairstyle :)

Hello my pretty roses :D Anyway from this title, you will know i have new hairstyle for myself :D Actually this is a pretty long ago stuff :D It happened on 7/9/12 :D. I first rebond my hair is like...... Last year december? So i never cut my hair for like......:O Oh my god! More than half a year!!! :O

This is what i wear on that day :D 
Left hand side is before cut hair (see the length!!! T.T)
Right hand side is after cut hair

While waiting for my turn, i'm camwhoring :) Still.... I miss my length :( 

Yah.... Camwhore with brother :D I know i damn unglam but.....Not all picture must be perfect :) 

So finally! After my haircut :D 
So, the previous post that i have my new hairstyle is probably after my haircut :) 

Bang! Hahahaha :D But my bang long liao become side bang... :)

With my new hairstyle with brother :)

And since i have to wait for my ah ma and mummy so i walk around and take pictures :D

See how adorable this rabbits is!!!!!!! :D 

This 2 parrots so cute and their feather so nice!!!! :D 

Yeah this last picture is so.........random......

Okay, that's all :)
Bye :D

PS: Have been practicing my Amath :( I just hope i won't drop and pass my retest :( 
PS: I think i should put my abuse book aside and start reading my holiday homework book :( 

Friday, October 26, 2012

5/9/2012 The Philharmonic Winds

Hi my little sunflower :D How are you? Hahahaha :D 5/9/12 is quite a memorable day for me :D Because band members go see German people band concert and also Mr Choy band concert :D And those German guy and girl is seriously handsome, cute, beautiful and elegant :D. I actually not going because I have project and i'm at Ziyun house at that time doing CDP sexual disease thingy. And seriously, after searching those pictures i almost vomited because it so disgusting :x And since Siew Yi is going, i think i also go to get some fresh air!~ 

At Ziyun house that time Camwhore! Woo!!!~ I treat her house as my house sia.....I wear pajamas go there :P Since it so near and i lazy change hahahaha :D 

So after leaving Ziyun house i quickly go change clothes and off to compass point to meet band members and go esplanade together :D

Big group uh :D Occupies 3 tables in KFC hahahaha :D I and Siew Yi did eat bread but seriously i losing my appetite still thinking about the disgusting photos..... And Siew Yi and i wear the same !!!!! :D No wonder is my junior, we have same taste of clothes :D 

Can you see the similarity? Ibnu was copying the auntie sitting beside him!!! So funny hahahaha :D I remember i laugh like crazy in the MRT! First time sia! :D 

Finally, reaching at some random shopping mall which i don't know what is that.....LOL. Saw Yiying and she pass me the ticket :D Sadly, we never sit together as a band members, we got separated :( But still.....It  okay :D 

Here is the view of the concert :) 

Camwhore time with Siew Yi :D

Later on, concert have break, so we go out and take the books that everyone is reading and also go toilet :) 

So after the concert, we went missing :( Hahahaha kidding! We look for mac donald to eat dinner..... And seriously, i regret wearing the black pant because it keep dropping! I remember i keep pull when going up the staircase! Argh! Then my shirt tuck in become tuck out!!! Irritating much! In the end never eat dinner sia.....Macdonald wanna close liao! Freak! 
So later on we really went missing luh! Got stuck in the esplanade! It so funny when Joseph telling his mother that he got stuck in the durian hahahaha :D Then i found out we back to the random shopping mall, i still remember Ebenezer they all go up the escalator to see something........which i forgot what. We never go up and then we found out the directory say where they go up is maternity thingy! Hahahaha! Laugh like crazy! After that, we went down some random escalator and a group of guy is naked and Siew Yi was like woo!!! Hahahaha :D Funny much! Seriously, Ibnu is so cheapo! I saw $2 at escalator and Ibnu as quickly as lightning go take the money! Hahahaha :D Still have a lot of funny things!! Like tricking people to go up escalator and end up someone go up and we never go up.......I think is Joseph go up....Hahaha :D Seriously have a lot of fun with them luh :) 
That's why i like to bond with band mates instead of my own classmates :D

So finally my camwhore! Hahahaha!!! Every post have my face sia! Hahahaha!! 
In the MRT, actually wanna go eat with them but then is seventh month my mum don't allow me so late go home.....But end up they all go home anyway..... :)

Home sweet home after that :) I saw this on my table and found out is sister give it to me :D Thank sister :D I love moustache ring  :D 

Bye :)

Family outing again~ Badminton :D

Hello my little sunshine :D I'm back again :D Have been telling myself to blog regularly and went to more family outing :D

This is what i wear :D 

But before that i tried to tie different hairstyle :D 

Yes, i know! I'm wearing powerpuff girls shirt :D I miss that cartoon kay!

We go Compass Point there and play badminton! 

Later on, home sweet home :D 
The next day, we all have muscle ache hahahaha :D

~The End~

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Outing with Family~

Hi people :D As you all know, i'm a very lazy person. So i normally don't go out with anyone....So if i go out, it miracle or because you are freaking special :)

Firstly, our family go eat breakfast/lunch. I eat korean fish and rice.......They all eat noodle because my sister boyfriend mother work there :) 

ICE KACHANG! Is that how it spell?? LOL! I don't care anyway. 

So here my brother advertising how delicious it is! Hahahahaha :D Joking! :P 

So.....Do you think my brother can finish this?? 

Well.....The answer is YES! 

So my father was jealous and say why never take his photo advertising his coffee....LOL! So.....

HERE IT IS! I have to blur the background because my mum eating very unglam hahahahaha :D 
Seriously, my father so cute!

This is the other dish that i don't know what it called......But quite nice...If i'm not wrong this is coconut thingy.....Argh! Whatever!

Then later on, they all went to cash convertor..... While me and ah ma at outside wait because i lazy to go in and it boring there and i want to sit down.

See how bored I am...........Luckily there have wifi or else bored to death.....

Finally back home.......

See the sky!!! So pretty!!! :D

I love nature man!!! So interesting and beautiful :)

~The end~

PS: Take back my report book today..... Haiz.... Kind of disappointed..... Gonna pass my Amath retest or else need to drop :( Today also class bonding day :D I'm so happy that we go to AVA room and watch Shutter :D My second time watching shutter :D And yes is a ghost movie! WOO!~ Also saw my CCA mark.....Not bad. But need to find teacher to change some mark because of our position. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


They both so cute!!! :D This is that time went to YOG and take de. :D

 It so cool that we are trending that time!! First time ever sia! Thank to the DJ!
This is the dog that Vanessa send it to me!!!! So cute sia! Smiling!! :)

Okay so the previous post, i said about playing basketball with band members....And obviously there is second time outing :D But this time, they did play badminton :) I remember going back home with Siew Yi to take my racket and there one creepy uncle play the children laughing....It so creepy because that record we put on band camp before to scared people because our game is haunted school..... Maybe you are wondering why they all wear red....It because that day is National day :) 

I swear i didn't take this! I don't know why it in my phone......

This is when they have instrument check! :D 

See our french horn!!!! Make it into flower! Hahahaha!! Middle have space! I did sit in the middle hahahaha :P I forget is who idea liao....I think is Claire! Hahahaha :D 

 I still remember our first performance without senior is NDP.....Then NBC..........:)
The Pieces that we need to learn :D 

Okay luh! Bye ;)

PS: I update 2 post today so please below post also :D