Sunday, October 14, 2012

13/10/2012 Going out with Liwen :D

Yo people! I'm back :D Yesterday go out with Liwen is seriously a lot of fun :D Firstly, i did not late! Like seriously i wake up at 9am just to prepare 12pm meeting! Hahahaha :P 

This is my outfit of the day :D Woo!!!~ And thank for the like in instagram :D 

Last picture before i get out of the house :D 

After meeting her, we wait for shuttle bus! And we see the shuttle bus coming so we run! And that is when my sprain leg became worse....... 

Can you see the swelling part???? Can't? Then skip this part then hahahaha :D 

Plus! My rose nail nice mah?? :) 

Finally! We reached our destination! :D
Obviously we sharing our lunch AGAIN! :D

 Heehee!! We always share lunch de :D 

And I saw the D&T teacher Mr Ong!!! hahahaha :D Oh yah! Say until Mr Ong, my primary school teacher he replied my wishes and he still remember me!!! TOUCH TOUCH :')

After finish eating, we went to buy Gongcha! And this is the first time i drinking Gongcha sia :D So yummy!

And...... We went to sing K! WOO!!!~

Li wen singing :D 

So while she singing.........I camwhoring hahahahaha :D 
yup! Camwhoring with the expected........TYPICAL FANN! hahahaha :P
And with my Gongcha! Hahahahaha! Typical....

Side bang
LOL!!!! Still have more....I wanna upload all but..................Forget it...Because really a lot!! A LOT! 
And i just notice something............Bang suit me but side bang suit me more hahahahaha!!! 
Gonna grow my bang and make it to one side liao :D 
After singing! We go to Liwen club and studying.....Yeah....YOU NEVER SEE WRONG! IS STUDY! 

:') we so hardworking sia.... :')

While studying, we eat subway cookies :D

After that, we went home :) Thank for Liwen father for bringing me home :) And trouble him :P 

And at home! There mc cafe for me :D Also first time trying it :D 

So i drank Gongcha and Mc cafe for the first time yesterday! :D 

Me and Li wen! :D Thank you Liwen! Hope we meet up again :D And thank for your clothes too :D 

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