Friday, October 26, 2012

5/9/2012 The Philharmonic Winds

Hi my little sunflower :D How are you? Hahahaha :D 5/9/12 is quite a memorable day for me :D Because band members go see German people band concert and also Mr Choy band concert :D And those German guy and girl is seriously handsome, cute, beautiful and elegant :D. I actually not going because I have project and i'm at Ziyun house at that time doing CDP sexual disease thingy. And seriously, after searching those pictures i almost vomited because it so disgusting :x And since Siew Yi is going, i think i also go to get some fresh air!~ 

At Ziyun house that time Camwhore! Woo!!!~ I treat her house as my house sia.....I wear pajamas go there :P Since it so near and i lazy change hahahaha :D 

So after leaving Ziyun house i quickly go change clothes and off to compass point to meet band members and go esplanade together :D

Big group uh :D Occupies 3 tables in KFC hahahaha :D I and Siew Yi did eat bread but seriously i losing my appetite still thinking about the disgusting photos..... And Siew Yi and i wear the same !!!!! :D No wonder is my junior, we have same taste of clothes :D 

Can you see the similarity? Ibnu was copying the auntie sitting beside him!!! So funny hahahaha :D I remember i laugh like crazy in the MRT! First time sia! :D 

Finally, reaching at some random shopping mall which i don't know what is that.....LOL. Saw Yiying and she pass me the ticket :D Sadly, we never sit together as a band members, we got separated :( But still.....It  okay :D 

Here is the view of the concert :) 

Camwhore time with Siew Yi :D

Later on, concert have break, so we go out and take the books that everyone is reading and also go toilet :) 

So after the concert, we went missing :( Hahahaha kidding! We look for mac donald to eat dinner..... And seriously, i regret wearing the black pant because it keep dropping! I remember i keep pull when going up the staircase! Argh! Then my shirt tuck in become tuck out!!! Irritating much! In the end never eat dinner sia.....Macdonald wanna close liao! Freak! 
So later on we really went missing luh! Got stuck in the esplanade! It so funny when Joseph telling his mother that he got stuck in the durian hahahaha :D Then i found out we back to the random shopping mall, i still remember Ebenezer they all go up the escalator to see something........which i forgot what. We never go up and then we found out the directory say where they go up is maternity thingy! Hahahaha! Laugh like crazy! After that, we went down some random escalator and a group of guy is naked and Siew Yi was like woo!!! Hahahaha :D Funny much! Seriously, Ibnu is so cheapo! I saw $2 at escalator and Ibnu as quickly as lightning go take the money! Hahahaha :D Still have a lot of funny things!! Like tricking people to go up escalator and end up someone go up and we never go up.......I think is Joseph go up....Hahaha :D Seriously have a lot of fun with them luh :) 
That's why i like to bond with band mates instead of my own classmates :D

So finally my camwhore! Hahahaha!!! Every post have my face sia! Hahahaha!! 
In the MRT, actually wanna go eat with them but then is seventh month my mum don't allow me so late go home.....But end up they all go home anyway..... :)

Home sweet home after that :) I saw this on my table and found out is sister give it to me :D Thank sister :D I love moustache ring  :D 

Bye :)

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