Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Band Theory/ Music Theory

Hey viewers :D I'm back :) Yup! Today topic is Theory! WOO!!!!~ I'm a band member if you all do not know....hahahaha :D So let get started with pictures! woo!!!~ 

RINGGGGGGG!!!!~ Time for band :) 

Mr Choy teaching :D 

 Group of SL and ASL listening to Mr Choy teaching :D 

If i'm not wrong this is after our performance i think.........Or maybe after our rehearsal...... aiya forgot le! 

If you ever curious what Mr Choy wrote........

Sorry that it is blur but still can see right?? Yeah right! Because i zoom in in order to get closer.....

But i know Charmian record down the whole process! 

After that! At night, band members go play basketball! And this is the first time i join in and play with them! WOO!!!~ 

Seriously, play with them have a lot of fun :D Although they say is a friendly match, but the opponent that play with us keep give sarcastic remark. Seriously, feel like slapping that bustard hahahahaha :P 

Hope can play with them after their o level again :D Bye :) 

PS: Have been wondering if i should go Hong Kong with band members......But i make my choice, i'm going. Just pray hard that i have money for my future..... Seriously, i really feel cheated..... 
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