Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cousin wedding :D

Hey yo people! I should update my blog as soon as possible le! So many occasions that i never post hahahaha :D! Saturday go out with Gillian and Ziyun! Will be blogging about that quite soon :P Yesterday quarrel in whatapp....Haiz.... Seriously, luckily we all okay le! :D Good! I really want this friendship to last :) Have been eating whole lot of tibits and chocolates today and i can predict that i'm going to be sick sooner or later le :\ But it okay! Sick then sick lor! Exam over and i won't care anymore! (Y) Today go to Compass point for a while to meet Pei Ni :D Finally return all the money le :D PHEW!~ I hate to own people money! :\ Pei Ni is getting skinnier and skinnier le....Haiz... Pei Ni if you ever reading this... Please get well soon :) Watch out your sugar level and stuff! Jiayou! Be positive! :D

Okay! Back to the topic! YUP! COUSIN WEDDING! Actually i already forgotten liao....It been so long....Let the photos speak then :D

Firstly, i help my sister to make nails and hair! I think i never take the hair picture.....But even if have i think i also delete it le..... I help her curl her hair and tie fishtail waterfall :D I know i did upload in instagram! So go check it out if you free. My username for instagram is Jiayoufann :D 

But.....I did have the nail pictures :D 

I ask Vanessa to help me choose which one she like since my sister can't decide also :) And Vanessa choice is number 3 :D So i help my sister do Hello Kitty nails :D My sister like hello kitty anyway :)

This is the clearer view of Hello Kitty nail :D 

And TADA!!!!!! FINISH! It take me about 1 hour + . And honestly speaking, i do until i pekcek :) But luckily i endure with it :D I feel so satisfied! :D And she also get a lot of compliment for the nails :D woo!!!!~ 

Me and My sister :D Hahahaha :D 

Me and my brother :D

And that day i wear high heel sia!!!!!! I'm so proud of myself that i didn't fall down! But my sister say i walk that time very weird...Hahahaha...I MUST LEARN HOW TO WEAR HIGH HEEL! *SERIOUS FACE*

The pictures below is what i see when i first walk in! 

The water so cool!!!! I forgot what is this le....I think is 7 up.....

 I know i shouldn't say this but i think this cloth look wrong........If you get what i mean....Hahahaa :P I know i sound pervert but really look wrong to me.... 

But it look like rose at the end! 
Everyone stand up and cheer! Can imagine me right? People standing up with wine and drink and i hold up my phone in order to take pictures hahahaha :P

 First dish is soup!!! Chicken soup! I think.....hahahahaha :P

I like this mango!!!! 

I know the foods pictures seem less.....Because i keep eat and forget to take picture of it.....Sorry :( 

And this is my sister hahahaha :D The background is so pretty! 

After that day of wearing heel......This is what i get! Heart shape blister! Woo!

Last pictures of me! Hahahaha :D Bye :D 

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