Friday, October 12, 2012


Yo people! As you all can see from the title :D MY EXAM END!!!!!~ I'M OFFICIALLY FREE NOW!~ WOOHOO! Gonna celebrate it! Hahahaha :D Actually tomorrow i go out with Liwen le :P Go shopping, sing K and also study! I know i know. Exam over le why study? Because............Li wen want to teach me!!! :D Seriously, i'm really happy to have such a bestie like her :D 

So after today exam, i chiong home to hug my bed. Hahahaha :D So tired sia! Need to replenish my sleep! My dark circle and eyes bag is getting worse like dustbin -.- 

Anyway teacher upload our class photos!! Wee~ 

Sorry hor, not too sure why only 2 pictures.....hmmm....Should be more than that de.... But i lazy scan my pictures into computer so...... yah just 2 can le :P 

Our class that time CIP is to collect ring tab :D And look how much we collect.......

Hahahahaha :D 

Photos again :D

And i decided to throw some random photo in..........Nice right! My brother friend give de! I wonder if is a girl..... *pedo face*

And lastly....Pictures that make you hungry :P

PS: All this photos is taken from facebook so is teacher photos :D except the foods :P

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