Sunday, October 28, 2012

New Hairstyle :)

Hello my pretty roses :D Anyway from this title, you will know i have new hairstyle for myself :D Actually this is a pretty long ago stuff :D It happened on 7/9/12 :D. I first rebond my hair is like...... Last year december? So i never cut my hair for like......:O Oh my god! More than half a year!!! :O

This is what i wear on that day :D 
Left hand side is before cut hair (see the length!!! T.T)
Right hand side is after cut hair

While waiting for my turn, i'm camwhoring :) Still.... I miss my length :( 

Yah.... Camwhore with brother :D I know i damn unglam but.....Not all picture must be perfect :) 

So finally! After my haircut :D 
So, the previous post that i have my new hairstyle is probably after my haircut :) 

Bang! Hahahaha :D But my bang long liao become side bang... :)

With my new hairstyle with brother :)

And since i have to wait for my ah ma and mummy so i walk around and take pictures :D

See how adorable this rabbits is!!!!!!! :D 

This 2 parrots so cute and their feather so nice!!!! :D 

Yeah this last picture is so.........random......

Okay, that's all :)
Bye :D

PS: Have been practicing my Amath :( I just hope i won't drop and pass my retest :( 
PS: I think i should put my abuse book aside and start reading my holiday homework book :( 

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