Thursday, October 25, 2012

Outing with Family~

Hi people :D As you all know, i'm a very lazy person. So i normally don't go out with anyone....So if i go out, it miracle or because you are freaking special :)

Firstly, our family go eat breakfast/lunch. I eat korean fish and rice.......They all eat noodle because my sister boyfriend mother work there :) 

ICE KACHANG! Is that how it spell?? LOL! I don't care anyway. 

So here my brother advertising how delicious it is! Hahahahaha :D Joking! :P 

So.....Do you think my brother can finish this?? 

Well.....The answer is YES! 

So my father was jealous and say why never take his photo advertising his coffee....LOL! So.....

HERE IT IS! I have to blur the background because my mum eating very unglam hahahahaha :D 
Seriously, my father so cute!

This is the other dish that i don't know what it called......But quite nice...If i'm not wrong this is coconut thingy.....Argh! Whatever!

Then later on, they all went to cash convertor..... While me and ah ma at outside wait because i lazy to go in and it boring there and i want to sit down.

See how bored I am...........Luckily there have wifi or else bored to death.....

Finally back home.......

See the sky!!! So pretty!!! :D

I love nature man!!! So interesting and beautiful :)

~The end~

PS: Take back my report book today..... Haiz.... Kind of disappointed..... Gonna pass my Amath retest or else need to drop :( Today also class bonding day :D I'm so happy that we go to AVA room and watch Shutter :D My second time watching shutter :D And yes is a ghost movie! WOO!~ Also saw my CCA mark.....Not bad. But need to find teacher to change some mark because of our position. 

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