Wednesday, October 24, 2012


They both so cute!!! :D This is that time went to YOG and take de. :D

 It so cool that we are trending that time!! First time ever sia! Thank to the DJ!
This is the dog that Vanessa send it to me!!!! So cute sia! Smiling!! :)

Okay so the previous post, i said about playing basketball with band members....And obviously there is second time outing :D But this time, they did play badminton :) I remember going back home with Siew Yi to take my racket and there one creepy uncle play the children laughing....It so creepy because that record we put on band camp before to scared people because our game is haunted school..... Maybe you are wondering why they all wear red....It because that day is National day :) 

I swear i didn't take this! I don't know why it in my phone......

This is when they have instrument check! :D 

See our french horn!!!! Make it into flower! Hahahaha!! Middle have space! I did sit in the middle hahahaha :P I forget is who idea liao....I think is Claire! Hahahaha :D 

 I still remember our first performance without senior is NDP.....Then NBC..........:)
The Pieces that we need to learn :D 

Okay luh! Bye ;)

PS: I update 2 post today so please below post also :D 

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