Saturday, October 6, 2012

Still EOY~ -.- plus family dinner :)

Hi people. EXAM IS GOING TO OVER SOON LE!! WOO!~ Left 3 more subjects :D And i will be free from stress!!!~ Yesterday Friday night I slept for 17 hours! LOL! From this i can conclude i always not enough sleep! Hahahaha :D JIAYOU FANN AND JIAYOU EVERYONE! IT GOING TO BE OVER SOON! 

Mum birthday is on 20/9 :D So meaning........... HAVE CAKE :D I expect a chocolate cake though but it not :'( But it okay, is durian cake so i don't mind anyway :D 

The cake so pretty right? :) 

And since my brother doesn't eat durian which is weird because all my family like to eat LOL. So we bought him chocolate cake! And i jelly :( 

Hahahaha !! I tell Marcus this look like him! Okay! Badass Fann is back ;) 

Plus my sister bought 10 lao ban!!!!! I swear i and my brother eat the most ! LOL! 

So later we go out have family dinner and eat :D And my mother treat! 

This is what i wear! I love this shirt :D It said I love Freak hahahaha :D
My mum and dad go Hougang by motorcycle while me, sister, brother and sister boyfriend went there by MRT :)

Since we reach first obviously is go shopping first :)
 And i bought this adorable fatty domo :)

I feeling damn happy after i bought this :D Just by looking at it!! So cute!!! 

Is time to see our foods

 Me and my brother 
See until foods so happy! TYPICAL ALEX!

And......Guess what we eat next day.....

YES! PIZZAS! No wonder i grow fatter and fatter each day! I still put on weight sia! :'( 

Although all this look so bless to me but i kind of scared when my mum suddenly do all this.... Haiz... Nevermind... :) 

PS: Currently listening sistar- loving you. 
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