Monday, November 26, 2012


Hi people! I'm really very excited today :D After 5 hours + I'm gonna go school and stay over night with bandmates :D And then go Hongkong :D Really very excited and worried at the same time because i have motion sickness and i'm sick haiz....But it okay :D Still very happy :D And i still need to bring my medicine go there -.- burden sia :( Somemore i don't know how swallow pills :( Useless :( Anyway i should stop thinking about this and look forward to hongkong trip :D Before i go hongkong i really scared any incident happen on me.... *touchwood* So yeah if i'm dying or what, i want all my money give to my family. What i mean family is mummy, daddy, ah ma, sister and brother :) OTHER RELATIVES CANNOT TAKE! Yup! I say this just incase luh :) *touch more wood* And i wanna let them know i love them :) And i will miss all my soft toys especially domo :(  Okay so bye :D 


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Shopping day with sister :D

Hello My little Pinky :D So long never go out with sister and shop le :D So obviously i'm very excited to go out :D We going to Orchard and shop :D

I was wondering should i tuck in or out......But i choose to tuck in :D

So we shop and shop and shop! And typical Fann just camwhore everywhere she go :D

So yup! As sister shopping for her boyfriend birthday presents, i was camwhoring! Hahahaha :D 
Although i like to style people hair but i never ever style my hair nicely because it so difficult!!! 
So, i steal my sister hairband :P

It so pretty!!! 

I was pretty surprise to notice that my contact lens is the same colour as my shirt :O

Pink and black! 

It a long day though.......I promise my mum not to buy anything except high heel because i really bankrupt le.....

So i bought heel :D

I always like this kind of design de :D 
Also, it really cheap!! $10! At Far East :D 
I quite regret that i never bought that leopard print though! 
Anyway it a good buy :D
And i'm gonna learn how to walk with high heel!

Sister bought more stuffs than me and she keep trying clothes and me.....Keep camwhore :P

Yeah yeah.....Typical.....

After that, go Watson.....The sale girl is seriously damn.....Argh! Don't know how to say.....All Orchard sale girl is so forceful....Keep force us to buy their stuff -.- But sister say they will only do this when is like Saturday and Sunday because more people. 
I remember the sale girl force me to buy then i was like keep smile smile and say i will buy.
End up i walk around and put the product at random place and walk out the shop...
Yeah...Badass Fann..... 

Yay!!! Finally our dinner :D I eat until damn full okay!!! I love xiao ba wang :D Their milk tea $1 but the main point is super nice :D 

When i wore the shoes :D Woo!! :D

That day is damn tiring but i still enjoyed it :D 

This show is so nice! About cute Doggies :D  :D 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Rubbish! :D

Hello everyone :) Saturday having briefing about our band Hong Kong trip :) I am so excited!!! Hahahhaa :D Gonna ride the rollar coaster! Teacher still say that the rollar coaster is move backward de!!! Seriously lah!! I really really very excited! Band is like a third home to me..... First is my home, second is my primary school and third is NVSB! And this will be my first time oversea with bandmates!! Woo!!! First time ride rollar coaster and is backward! Shiok ah!! We will be living at L'hotel nina et convention centre which is a 5 stars hotel! Woo!!!!~ And with disney foods i think :D

 They show the room this so they better don't disappointed us! :D 

Okay! Back to science experiment! :D

Biology experiment :D
 Testing for starch :D 

Chemistry experiment :) Testing for sugar and stuff! And see the reaction :D
Teacher did make an experiment, but sadly i can't take that picture! It so pretty though!! The solution turn pink!!

Pretty edited sky hahahaha :D 
Fann is so talented! LOL!

All this flowers is from school!!! It so pretty!! I wonder why i never notice it the past 2 years !!

Have been painting my nail to Halloween hahaha :D But that's long time ago stuffs le! :P

And silly me, trip until my own leg and injured myself -.-
And i told my sister about it and she can't stop laughing! Such a badass!

Keep draw all this kind of things......Yeah....Thats me....
Creepy much uh :)

Biology homework! :D I draw a heart :) Teachers still compliment me hahahaha :D

But after not same anymore.....

Behind this work is me, color pencil, sharpener, colored pen and handbook hahahaha :D Trying out different colour on handbook :D

And thanks for the like in instagram :D 

Bye :D

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Social Etiquette :)

Hey my little chocolate cake :D I'm back :) Yup! Today gonna talk about Social Etiquette :) For the theory part it super boring :( But the teacher is seriously elegant!!! Oh my god! The way she walk, talk and eat! Damn lady like man!!!! I can never be like her T.T She let us know our body shape :) Matching of clothes and let us see some fashion magazine! Actually i quite enjoy it lah :) Then we also have role acting! And she say our group is the best :D So happy! I really regret that i never ask her what perfume she use!! :'(  Because her perfume smell is sweet! Like candy or maybe.....flower!! Argh! Now i only can lonely go find out the perfume smell liao :(  

For me, i really looking forward to eating! Hahahaha :P Instead of going to Changi, we went to City Square Mall to have our dining hahaha :D Here is the pictures!

Me and Lingli

You all know me :) I always camwhoring! There more though, but is in Ziyun phone :) 
She haven upload yet. If she upload i will post it here de :D

Coke :)

Mushroom soup!! I swear this is so nice! I LOVE IT!  The teacher still compliment me say how i drink/eat is the correct way! Hahahahaha!!! :D 

This plate cost $12.90 if i'm not wrong! Hahahaha :D On the way home i saw the price :P
This not nice! The only thing nice is the chicken! LOL! The sauce so............. Sour! TOO SOUR! 

Woo!!!! Ice cream! I love this but i hope it is chocolate though....Haiz.! It okay anyway :)

After eating, we all go toilet and slack! 
Let me introduce to you my friends!
Gillian, Fann, Ziyun and Lingli 

This is the pretty certificate :D

After that, I still have band so after band.

~Home sweet home~ 

Did i grow fatter??? LOL! 

Bye :)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A boring day :(

Hello my little sunflower :) Good morning :) 

Mum went to have an x-ray for her leg on 2/11/12. Then later on they come back and i ask my father how was it and he freaking lied to me. I really Really REALLY mad at him! He said my mum leg cannot make it need chop off sia! WTF! This is not a joke and he freaking lied to me! I was so fucking serious when i question him sia. Seriously joke at the wrong thing at the wrong time.... -.-  Since he is my father, i should forgive him then...... But i still really mad! Parents both bought a laptop fan thingy! And it freaking in purple pink colour! So chio the colour! Anyway, my mum leg condition....hmm....consider so-so. Need to eat medicine. Her leg bone twisted? is that how it said? She say soon the bone will all twist....It sound so scary and i know what will happen in the future because one of my aunt have this condition and now she can't even walk...... Haiz... Shouldn't even thinking about this. I hope after eating those medicine, my mum will be fine....Please god! Please help.... 

Okay, enough of sad thing! So.....I help my sister tie hair again because she need to go out with friends to have bbq Buffet :)

Nice nice?? ;) Fishtail waterfall :)

I told myself i should bought hairspray though :)

This is how my brother study! Freaking see it! He thought placing all those files at the floor and he sleep the words will diffuse in the brain -.- 

At the end, he failed he exam. Seriously, not going to care about him anymore. Totally hopeless.

Anyway! My brown lens come le :D
I know i damn hopeless also, keep buying lens.....Sorry guy....I love lens luh....:(

The other day, Xuan Xuan came :) Her hair so messy so i decided to help her tie braid :)
She so cute! :)

My brother and Xuan Xuan :)

The left side cloud look like a big Heart!!!! :D So pretty! I love nature luh! Hahaha :D 

Bye ;)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Trip to Mustafa

Hello boys and girls :) Welcome back to my blog! Hahahaha :P Yup! Finally, i updating about the trip to Mustafa :D Yes! I go Mustafa with Gillian and Ziyun....But sadly, we didn't take group photos :( But it okay :) We know we have fun with it :D. 

This is my outfit of that day :D 
I know right! Mustaches everywhere! My necklace, ring and shirt! Hahaha :P

So yup! We go shopping, walk around and chatting :D 

The first picture is when i at mustafa :) 
The second picture is when i at Macdonald :)
The third picture is when i at some random toys shop!
I know i know.....Typical Fann camwhoring everywhere she go.....

This focus is not on me okay! Look at the back! Elmo and Cookie monster! So cute sia!
When you press Elmo nose, he will sneeze and will have ah-choo ah-choo sound! So adorable!!! And he will say mummy, i love you. And if i'm not wrong he did say hug me hahaha :D 
Then the Cookie monster is when you press his stomach, he will open his mouth and burp~ hahahhaa :D So cute!
Just found out that nowaday kids is like so wasted. All this soft toy is like upgrade liao sia! Better than my last time toy! And it so adorable!!! But then.....Kinda disappointed luh...Nowaday kids don't even play this kind of things anymore.... They playing technology like Ipad and stuffs.....Haiz! Pity them, they no childhood :( 


~Home sweet home~ 
I still camwhore a lot but i know you all tired of my face liao luh! Hahahaha :D 
I look damn cool in sunglasses sia! hahahaha :D Joking! :P
Seriously, i really enjoying myself :) Finally bought double eyelid glue! Not that bad actually :) 
Really have a fun day shopping and chatting :) 

Bye ;) 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Family outing :) Morning breakfast- KFC

Hello Nutella :) I'm back again :D Yup, 15/10/12 I go out with my family again :D This time round is went to Hougang mall KFC for morning breakfast :D 

This is what i wear :D Cute right?? I know :)

Went to ah ma house which is next door only. Asking her if she want to go with us......Well, at first she said yes, but end up no because she stomachache :( So yeah...

Xuan xuan brother, Li Hong.
Eating Apple :) So cute sia he! 
So....Camwhore time :D 

Me and my sister :)

Brother and me :)

So breakfast here i come to eat you up! Muhahahaha :D 

Hahahaha :D Delicious sia.....

So end up, we chatting and i saw Siew Yi! She never saw me at first but then at some random sport shop she saw me :D I saw Yiying also :) And some random people :) Later on, went home. Then prepare to change and went for band. :) 

Bye ;)