Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A boring day :(

Hello my little sunflower :) Good morning :) 

Mum went to have an x-ray for her leg on 2/11/12. Then later on they come back and i ask my father how was it and he freaking lied to me. I really Really REALLY mad at him! He said my mum leg cannot make it need chop off sia! WTF! This is not a joke and he freaking lied to me! I was so fucking serious when i question him sia. Seriously joke at the wrong thing at the wrong time.... -.-  Since he is my father, i should forgive him then...... But i still really mad! Parents both bought a laptop fan thingy! And it freaking in purple pink colour! So chio the colour! Anyway, my mum leg condition....hmm....consider so-so. Need to eat medicine. Her leg bone twisted? is that how it said? She say soon the bone will all twist....It sound so scary and i know what will happen in the future because one of my aunt have this condition and now she can't even walk...... Haiz... Shouldn't even thinking about this. I hope after eating those medicine, my mum will be fine....Please god! Please help.... 

Okay, enough of sad thing! So.....I help my sister tie hair again because she need to go out with friends to have bbq Buffet :)

Nice nice?? ;) Fishtail waterfall :)

I told myself i should bought hairspray though :)

This is how my brother study! Freaking see it! He thought placing all those files at the floor and he sleep the words will diffuse in the brain -.- 

At the end, he failed he exam. Seriously, not going to care about him anymore. Totally hopeless.

Anyway! My brown lens come le :D
I know i damn hopeless also, keep buying lens.....Sorry guy....I love lens luh....:(

The other day, Xuan Xuan came :) Her hair so messy so i decided to help her tie braid :)
She so cute! :)

My brother and Xuan Xuan :)

The left side cloud look like a big Heart!!!! :D So pretty! I love nature luh! Hahaha :D 

Bye ;)

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