Friday, November 2, 2012

Family outing :) Morning breakfast- KFC

Hello Nutella :) I'm back again :D Yup, 15/10/12 I go out with my family again :D This time round is went to Hougang mall KFC for morning breakfast :D 

This is what i wear :D Cute right?? I know :)

Went to ah ma house which is next door only. Asking her if she want to go with us......Well, at first she said yes, but end up no because she stomachache :( So yeah...

Xuan xuan brother, Li Hong.
Eating Apple :) So cute sia he! 
So....Camwhore time :D 

Me and my sister :)

Brother and me :)

So breakfast here i come to eat you up! Muhahahaha :D 

Hahahaha :D Delicious sia.....

So end up, we chatting and i saw Siew Yi! She never saw me at first but then at some random sport shop she saw me :D I saw Yiying also :) And some random people :) Later on, went home. Then prepare to change and went for band. :) 

Bye ;) 

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