Friday, November 16, 2012

Rubbish! :D

Hello everyone :) Saturday having briefing about our band Hong Kong trip :) I am so excited!!! Hahahhaa :D Gonna ride the rollar coaster! Teacher still say that the rollar coaster is move backward de!!! Seriously lah!! I really really very excited! Band is like a third home to me..... First is my home, second is my primary school and third is NVSB! And this will be my first time oversea with bandmates!! Woo!!! First time ride rollar coaster and is backward! Shiok ah!! We will be living at L'hotel nina et convention centre which is a 5 stars hotel! Woo!!!!~ And with disney foods i think :D

 They show the room this so they better don't disappointed us! :D 

Okay! Back to science experiment! :D

Biology experiment :D
 Testing for starch :D 

Chemistry experiment :) Testing for sugar and stuff! And see the reaction :D
Teacher did make an experiment, but sadly i can't take that picture! It so pretty though!! The solution turn pink!!

Pretty edited sky hahahaha :D 
Fann is so talented! LOL!

All this flowers is from school!!! It so pretty!! I wonder why i never notice it the past 2 years !!

Have been painting my nail to Halloween hahaha :D But that's long time ago stuffs le! :P

And silly me, trip until my own leg and injured myself -.-
And i told my sister about it and she can't stop laughing! Such a badass!

Keep draw all this kind of things......Yeah....Thats me....
Creepy much uh :)

Biology homework! :D I draw a heart :) Teachers still compliment me hahahaha :D

But after not same anymore.....

Behind this work is me, color pencil, sharpener, colored pen and handbook hahahaha :D Trying out different colour on handbook :D

And thanks for the like in instagram :D 

Bye :D

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