Monday, November 26, 2012


Hi people! I'm really very excited today :D After 5 hours + I'm gonna go school and stay over night with bandmates :D And then go Hongkong :D Really very excited and worried at the same time because i have motion sickness and i'm sick haiz....But it okay :D Still very happy :D And i still need to bring my medicine go there -.- burden sia :( Somemore i don't know how swallow pills :( Useless :( Anyway i should stop thinking about this and look forward to hongkong trip :D Before i go hongkong i really scared any incident happen on me.... *touchwood* So yeah if i'm dying or what, i want all my money give to my family. What i mean family is mummy, daddy, ah ma, sister and brother :) OTHER RELATIVES CANNOT TAKE! Yup! I say this just incase luh :) *touch more wood* And i wanna let them know i love them :) And i will miss all my soft toys especially domo :(  Okay so bye :D 

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