Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Shopping day with sister :D

Hello My little Pinky :D So long never go out with sister and shop le :D So obviously i'm very excited to go out :D We going to Orchard and shop :D

I was wondering should i tuck in or out......But i choose to tuck in :D

So we shop and shop and shop! And typical Fann just camwhore everywhere she go :D

So yup! As sister shopping for her boyfriend birthday presents, i was camwhoring! Hahahaha :D 
Although i like to style people hair but i never ever style my hair nicely because it so difficult!!! 
So, i steal my sister hairband :P

It so pretty!!! 

I was pretty surprise to notice that my contact lens is the same colour as my shirt :O

Pink and black! 

It a long day though.......I promise my mum not to buy anything except high heel because i really bankrupt le.....

So i bought heel :D

I always like this kind of design de :D 
Also, it really cheap!! $10! At Far East :D 
I quite regret that i never bought that leopard print though! 
Anyway it a good buy :D
And i'm gonna learn how to walk with high heel!

Sister bought more stuffs than me and she keep trying clothes and me.....Keep camwhore :P

Yeah yeah.....Typical.....

After that, go Watson.....The sale girl is seriously damn.....Argh! Don't know how to say.....All Orchard sale girl is so forceful....Keep force us to buy their stuff -.- But sister say they will only do this when is like Saturday and Sunday because more people. 
I remember the sale girl force me to buy then i was like keep smile smile and say i will buy.
End up i walk around and put the product at random place and walk out the shop...
Yeah...Badass Fann..... 

Yay!!! Finally our dinner :D I eat until damn full okay!!! I love xiao ba wang :D Their milk tea $1 but the main point is super nice :D 

When i wore the shoes :D Woo!! :D

That day is damn tiring but i still enjoyed it :D 

This show is so nice! About cute Doggies :D  :D 

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