Sunday, November 11, 2012

Social Etiquette :)

Hey my little chocolate cake :D I'm back :) Yup! Today gonna talk about Social Etiquette :) For the theory part it super boring :( But the teacher is seriously elegant!!! Oh my god! The way she walk, talk and eat! Damn lady like man!!!! I can never be like her T.T She let us know our body shape :) Matching of clothes and let us see some fashion magazine! Actually i quite enjoy it lah :) Then we also have role acting! And she say our group is the best :D So happy! I really regret that i never ask her what perfume she use!! :'(  Because her perfume smell is sweet! Like candy or maybe.....flower!! Argh! Now i only can lonely go find out the perfume smell liao :(  

For me, i really looking forward to eating! Hahahaha :P Instead of going to Changi, we went to City Square Mall to have our dining hahaha :D Here is the pictures!

Me and Lingli

You all know me :) I always camwhoring! There more though, but is in Ziyun phone :) 
She haven upload yet. If she upload i will post it here de :D

Coke :)

Mushroom soup!! I swear this is so nice! I LOVE IT!  The teacher still compliment me say how i drink/eat is the correct way! Hahahahaha!!! :D 

This plate cost $12.90 if i'm not wrong! Hahahaha :D On the way home i saw the price :P
This not nice! The only thing nice is the chicken! LOL! The sauce so............. Sour! TOO SOUR! 

Woo!!!! Ice cream! I love this but i hope it is chocolate though....Haiz.! It okay anyway :)

After eating, we all go toilet and slack! 
Let me introduce to you my friends!
Gillian, Fann, Ziyun and Lingli 

This is the pretty certificate :D

After that, I still have band so after band.

~Home sweet home~ 

Did i grow fatter??? LOL! 

Bye :)

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