Thursday, December 13, 2012

A day with Bandmates :D

Hello everyone!!!! :D I'm back!!! Miss me? ;) From the title you can see i went out with bandmates again!!! WOO!!~ Let's start! ;)

My outfit heehee :) Domo!!! I damn love this short lor!!!! Bought at cotton on! It the only short that is so nice! So comfortable! And most importantly, Perfectly fit my waist!!! Finally no need belt :)

So we all meet at Serangoon nex and watch movie together :) Woo!!!! Then have to wait for Joseph again!! Joseph always late! Then in the end i go into the arcade and tio chase out by one uncle because i haven reach 16......WTH! Next year i went in for him to see! I promise i will be back! Idiot uncle! I was quite surprise need 16 then can go in though!!! Because....I GO IN BEFORE! WTH! Ridiculous shit....AMK arcade can go in lor why this cannot.....wth..... Anyway Pitch perfect is so awesome!!! Full of music and singing :D LOVE IT!!!! While watching, i eating chocolate that WenJiang gave me and keep sing along with them! Hahahaha :D Typical Fann :P I like how they sing lor!!! 

So after movie, we didn't really know what to do :( Then in the end Claire need to go home so me and Siew Yi follow her so can go home together. But suddenly they suggest going to the beach! Then i was like can't decide whether should go with them or go with Claire. Firstly, i go with Claire but later on i regret and go with them.....Hahahaha Typical Fann again :P Then i keep them waiting again....I'm sorry.... Luckily, Siew yi accompany me go too!! Woo! Thank Siew Yi! :D

After reaching the beach, we cannot rent any bike because it already pass 7pm.....i think....So if want rent must rent cannot...haiz..... So we go to the sand, pick seashells :) PICK DEAD CRAB! WTH!!! Then at night, we sit at the shelter there and talk :) Siew Yi so funny!!! She believe the death note story i tell her hahahaha :D So cute! I tell her there death note book in real life and i'm gonna save money and buy that book so i can kill people ;) And she believe hahahahaa :D But that's good! Mean she trust me :)

Jonathan picking up dead crab 

Hahahaha :D Finally home sweet home :D 

You all guess it right! Everytime have to see my face de hahahaha :P

So, Thank you bandmates. I really did enjoy myself and have a lot of fun :D


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