Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A day with sister :)

Hello my little cutie pie :) Have already try my best to keep update :) I always blog but save to draft hahaha :D That's why some occasion does not happen on that day and is long ago stuff :) I'm sorry for that :P So the date now is 21/11/12. Tomorrow will be band camp and 7:45am need fall in!! Which is so early! If i'm not wrong still have morning run...oh gosh...  Me, Chloe, Jonathan and Ibnu have been organizing band game and i hope that band members appreciate it because we really spend a lot of time think about it. I don't want the same unhappy incident happen like how it happened last year. i really really hope they appreciate it.... Okay, back to the toipc :)

I'm in my PE attire. Time to go band that day :)

After band, go out with sister :)

Thats my outfit :) 

Meet sister at Nex because i need help her carry the ordered pizzas and eggtarts :D Woo!!!~ Oh yah! And her boyfriend birthday cake :) 

Me and my sister :)

I still remember i run to MRT and i almost fall. 
Firstly, i late that's why i run
Secondly, not long ago, got one creepy stranger knocking on our door! So i super scared hahahaha :P

This is the pizza that sister and her boyfriend eat. 

And this is the eggtarts :D We waited for damn long lor! Because, at 9pm they will sell each eggtarts at $1! So it worth the wait! :D 

Then finally home sweet home :D

And random donut bun that i tie :D So kawaii! Hahahaha :D 

Okay! Bye! :D 

PS: Have been reading fansfiction again :P 


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