Saturday, December 22, 2012

Band camp :)

Yo! I'm back again :) Yup! Before going HongKong, we have 2 days band camp :) It kinda sad that is day camp though.... :\ Because have camp with band is always so fun! :D

I'm gonna anyhow randomly say what i can remember because i kinda.....Forget le :P Since it quite long..... :P I'm sorry :(

I think Day 1 We have games! Yup! GAMES! Games that Chloe, me, Jonathan and Ibnu organise :D But of course we have practice and lunch before that luh :P

Word search that i printed :D

And all this paper :D

It kinda sad when they play, they never open up and see though :\

But it okay :D They still can see what i draw inside through this blog ;)

TADA!!! :D Hahahaha :D

So basically, we hide all this 4 papers with paper clip in 4 different places :P
Kind of like.....treasure hunt? But combine with like......running man? Or whats that call......Sorry i forget :P 
Aiya, you all should be able to get the idea :P

My station is to find one of this paper with paper clips :D Hahahaa :D Each groups have 15 minutes each! It so fun sia!  Before they even start finding they have to do like....warm up?

I like Jonathan station the most! Because it obstacle! Freaking hard for me because have to blind fold! 

Okay okay!! SKIP! It so hard to explain all this games!!! GOSH!!! 

See!!! Chloe even write instruction for us! :D
Chloe contribute the most in this band camp!!

At the end, lose team gonna do forfeit :P
Winner get chocolate and drink! Woo!!! Lollipop too!

It so hard to explain gosh!!! Aiya! Just know that Band camp is fun can liao :D 

However, at the end of day camp 1, i feel so piss by the teacher. Because, we keep tell the teacher that at the start of the game must have teacher incharge so we 4 can go hide in our station! But then teacher never even appear -.- Teacher only appear after our game -.- wth! Then make us so rush! -.-

Anyway, at least the games is still successful and yup, last year incident never happen :D 
Although, the sequence of the station is wrong but....whatever! At least they have fun :D

Band camp 2.....I really can't remember! I only know have morning run and i was like dying! Somemore it raining! WTH!! And i fall sick, having fever....Suck to be me. Freaking weak -.- Then later on watch drumline :D 

So yah! Thats all for Band camp :D bye :D


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