Saturday, January 19, 2013

Accompany Sister :)/ some random stuffs

Hi everyone! Finally i have blog finish about HongKong trip! Is time to blog about other stuffs :) Since it a new year now, of course must start to prepare for Chinese new year right? ;) So i'm here to blog about accompany my sister go do her hair :) Anyway, this is also long ago stuff. Now the date is like 19/12/13 and i'm like blogging about last year thing! Hahahaha :D I'm trying to blog more because to master my typing skills since i already receive my N level FNN coursework question so typing fast is very important :) I feel that i getting more and more unlucky each day because everyone is like falling sick and worse still, my father met accident today :( But yeah.... not gonna talk about it hahahaha :D Anyway, i got scholarship today!!! So happy but like....20 minutes because after that i heard horrible stuff hahaha... So yah, lets start!

As usual, take bus and go AMK. Then after that wait for the person that help my sister with her hair because my sister pointed out that she want her to do so yah.... While sister is doing her hair, i was like go out and buy tidbits and eat and of course camwhoring hahahaha :D 

I actually never tie hair de....But since i don't want carry my sister tie and clips so i might as well tie it on my hair right? hahahaha Smart :) 

Oh yah, my sister can't tie hair after the haircut and stuff because she rebond her hair :) 
So here is my sister hahahaha I bet she will kill me for uploading her photos
hahahaha :D But yah her hair become pretty :)
Finally she finish :)
After that we went shopping hahahaha :D 
And, i bought this adorable bear that is super big!

Trust me! It big! The tag said his height is 1m!! WTF! Bigger than my domo! It look small because i squeeze him into plastic bag :P 
Got a lot of colour though. It have pink, blue, dark brown, light brown etc :) 
I actually saw this with Li wen de. I still consider want buy mah but end up money not enough so never buy but luckily i bought it when i go out with sister :P
And of course i tio scolded by my mum because it kind of useless. 
But i learn my lesson, once my mum scold later on i still will get it anyway hahahaha :P
She can't be throwing him away right? Right! Smart Fann! 
I remember i attract damn a lot of attention in the MRT hahaha :P

So my bear and domo will become good friend :D Hahahaha :D
I give this bear a name though! 
It called benie inspired by Ebenezer hahahahah :D 
Maybe you all wonder why i keep mentioning Ebenezer in my blog is because he my boyfriend hahaha! :D
I know right, i think those know me that read this will be shock because i keep telling myself i will remain single. But.....WHATEVER!!! Some words shouldn't say so early! This is my advice to all girls out there hahahaha :D 
Some people telling me to blog about Ebenezer.....Yeah......I will consider because i really don't know what to write.....hahahaha :D Okay luh bye :D 

In my previous post, i did say i will upload the HongKong students give us de stuff....Here they are :)

They all really very nice! 
 So anyway, after back to Singapore me and my mum start to pack my room :) 
And i found

Memories ah!!!! My P5 memories!

My D&T thing! I remember i get hightest for D&T! I know this is cam and follower! Hahahaha :D It consider memories though because i'm no longer a D&T students so i won't be able to touch all those equipment again which is kind of sad.....

And also drawing hahahahaa :D I know i won't have the time to draw anymore.....
Still have more....But i will post it next time :)

And of course my room is super clean now! 

Okay luh! Thats all!

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