Friday, January 18, 2013

Hong Kong Day 4/ 30 Nov/ Friday

Hi! Sorry for taking so long to update my HongKong trip :P Sorry sorry :( So yah, lets start!

So again, we have no morning call which is like so sad haiz.... Then we go wash up, change and pack up our luggage because today is the day to check out :( I will miss that hotel! I seriously feel sad about it because the day we leave Hong Kong is the day that MAMA award held there!!! Argh! :( Don't have fate to see my idol :'( Heard from Chloe and Bingbin that they saw red carpet!!!! 

Anyway, as usual, we went to eat breakfast again.

While waiting :)

So here is my breakfast :) 
Didn't eat a lot as usual. I only drank finish the drink and eat finish the ham and a little eggs hahahaha :P 
People go oversea gain weight while i lose weight seriously -.- 
Kind of regret to order this foods though, because once i look at YiHui breakfast is so much nicer! 
But then, i told myself i didn't know how the foods look like so yah....Because we order this foods at day 3 when on the way to disney. 

Later on, we have educational tour at Hong Kong History Museum :)
And also, we walk with our sections :D FRENCH HORN SECTION ROCK!!! \m/

So HongKong story let start! Hahahaha :D 
I remember the first time we went in, we need to watch show. I almost fall asleep, no joke because it about freaking geography and i hate geography! I never really concentrate so if i'm not wrong, it said about rocks :)

Pictures time :)

The Earth!

Back to many many years ago~ Hahahaha :D

So many rocks! I conclude just now that show is about rocks hahaha :P


Got up this train :) Surrounded by a group of Kids hahahahaa :D We have group photos though, but that need to wait until Siew Yi upload :) Once she upload i will post here :) 

Christopher! hahahaha :D 

After that we buy some souvenir and then lunch time! 

After eating, we went to adjudicators' workshop :)
The teacher is so funny!!!
Keep say I love you in different tone :P

After that need to wait for the bus to the other school for exchange....Yeah and is tiring :(
 After go to the other school~ For exchange :) Know those HongKong friends, they all are so kind :) 

The French Horn :D
I remember i keep eat their chocolate stick! So nice! :P
Not only that, they also give us present which i will post it on the next post because i never put the picture on computer :P Sorry!! 

Then after that went shopping. Sadly, they cancelled the ladies market....Haiz....
I bought a lot of stuffs, all is editable :P All foods! I manage to spend all hahahaha :P
Sometime rich is not a good thing after all :P I have problems spending at HongKong sia! 

Then after that waiting for our flight :)
Oh, and thank WenJiang for treating French horn section Macdonald :)

After check in, do our reflection :)
I really hate the shawn seriously, he scolded me! Idiot!

One funny thing! I almost walk into the first class areoplane! Hahahaha :P Luckily Ebenezer pull me out and bring me to economy flight...Hahahaha :P 

So that's all guy :D That's my trip to HongKong :D 
It really a fun experience and i learn a lot from there. Not only that our section also much more bonded now :) 
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