Friday, February 8, 2013

3 special date with bandmates :)

Hi everyone! :D I'm here to blog again :D I have to blog fast because i'm already so called outdated according to what Ebenezer said. So yah, i'm blogging again trying to combine 3 special dates into 1 post :) The 3 special dates are 12/12/12, 20/12/2012 and 31/12/12 :D All this 3 special dates was with bandmates and i'm really having a lot of fun and also enjoyed myself :) So let start!
So our bandmates agree to go play basketball that day and yah.....Ebenezer is the first one to reach and yah....He is the one that on time, we all late come. Then second is me since i live so near. But then later on Jason said he don't know how to go so i go fetch him. Finally we reach our destination and i saw no one. Ebenezer said he can see us but you know i can't see him. So we walk and walk and finally he walk out his hiding place hahahaha :P So yah, firstly is like all so awkward but then things get better :) So i walk until clinic there to use their wifi :P Jason keep hiding away hahaha :P So yah, we tweet and tweet and finally Bingbin came! Oh! And that also so called first time date with Ebenezer so things kind of awkward and our surrounding people also awkward because they saw us, they will hide far far from us and don't talk to us. To be honest, i hated that because i don't like people treating us invisible. So the only person that treat us like human is Ibnu. He come and talk to us and stuff like that. So they all go play basketball while me and Ebenezer being left alone and chat later on. Because i don't know what to talk about so i keep playing his handphone game :P AND I HAVE A GREAT ACHIEVEMENT WHEN PLAYING ANGRY BIRDS! I didn't even know i so good at playing hahahaha :P So they play truth and dare, i remember Claire run around one box and shout Hi my name is Claire! Hahahaha so funny!! She so cute! So yah....Keep raining also! Then after that they eat and stuff!.
.I know very less people, that's because is already at night, some of them already went home :)
Later on i went home :)
Then Vanessa and YanLing say Ebenezer so sweet because he forget to take my chocolate that i gave it to him and he walk back again with broken slipper plus is 10pm the door already wanna close so yah.....Quite touch of that hahaha :P
Ebenezer slipper is i make spoil one.....Kind of make me feel guilty but then! Think of it, he step my leg first, so i step back......And it just magically spoiled... Hahahaha karma :P 
Of course we also take our first couple picture :P
~end of 12/12/12~
Oh yah! The world never die!!! Woohoo!~
So on this day we went out to esplanade to watch band concert :) 
And i'm very happy to see Ebenezer again at my house downstair :P
My outfit for the day :) Actually want to wear the other short but the short end up too loose :\
So bandmates meet up at Compasspoint :) Me and Ebenezer late hahahaha :P  Sorry! Then later on go city hall :) The train broke down earlier so Joseph super scared it broke down again especially when the MRT is not moving. Then he was like squatting down hahahaha :D His reaction and expression forever funny one! 
So finally reach!
Even the ceiling have words :)
The french horn player is so handsome!!! He name is called Christopher! Hahahaha amazingly same as my senior name hahahaa that also played french horn :P
The last picture you can see that Syakir, Joseph and Jennifel went up and played instrument to help them :P
 Christopher and Ibnu also went up too! :P 
You got see the lady in the middle on the right that wearing purple? She so scary.... She keep wanting to lend money from Siew yi, me, Clara and Ebenezer......Gosh.... We didn't lend though because she ask for $10. But just now, i saw her eating ice cream and her hand holding ATM card....So yah.... I don't think she lack of money. 
This little girl so adorable! :D
Those who go up play will get this cute ginger bread man biscuit :) 
See Ibnu!!! hahahaha :'D
Siew Yi and me :)
After that concert finish, They want to go a very far away place to eat prata. Because it so late, i scared later no train go home so me, Ebenezer and Christopher went home. Hahaha :D And that's when Christopher tell me secret ;)
So yah home sweet home on that day :)
This is my outfit for the day :)
They say they thought i wear bra because of the ribbon hahahaha :P
Anyway last day of 2012! Of course is to celebrate with band mates :D
So, we have picnic at pasir ris park :)
But unfortunately, it rain heavily and we all wet!
See! Still flooded! Many earthworm somemore :(
Vanessa and Yanling bring their pasta that they cook themselves :) 
Still have hotdog, hard boil egg, ham and fruits :)
Apples :)
Although raining we can't ride bicycle
however, they bring 3 guitar and they all sing and play under the shelter! :)
Ebenezer learning spirited away from Joseph :)
Happy Eben :P
Awesome people :D
Raining day is fun after all :P
After that at night, we watch CZ12 ! That movie is awesome really!!! :D 
Group photo :D
After watching back to compass and eat :)
Me, Syakir and Wen Jiang hahahaha :D
I find this picture so funny!!! 
Take picture with my belove boy :P
Thanks for treating me dinner :)
Burger king :D
After that Vanessa and me go toilet :)
We decided to go Jason house and countdown :) 
I remember i calling my mum
Me: Mum, can i over 12am come back? I want count down with them.
Mum: Cannot lah, hurry come back, late le!
Me: But Ebenezer is here, and he say he will send me home!
Mum : Okay ba. Go ba.
See my mum!!!! WTH!!! 
Why my mum so cute de seriously!
So they countdown plus play card in Jason room :)
So last year i never went home, only this year back home hahaha :P
Bye :)
PS: Sorry that i never update for so long :P
I found this post in draft so i completed it :P

And also thank band mates for the christmas gifts :D 

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