Sunday, February 10, 2013

Band exchange :)

Since my CCA is band, there will be a lot of band exchange for us so that we know more about other band and stuff :) Most importantly is to learn from them :D 
 This is a pictures that we all practicing using our mouth piece only :)
And for your information, My instrument is French Horn ;)

I don't know why, but i think that the tutor that teach us is kind of.....Pedo. Because he keep touching our hand!! I mean like, he teaching us how to place our right hand properly inside the horn, so that we won't affect the sound of the horn and also we won't feel tired holding our horn up....But the problem is once he place my hand inside the horn, I NEVER move at all. Later on he check again and say my hand place wrong and he adjusting my hand again. And i was like wth? This not only happen to me! It happen to lots of people because i ask them! Anyway i still learn quite a lot lah, which is not that bad.....

After that is combine :D

Sit with my beloved juniors!!! They so cute lah!!! :D 
Make me look forward to see my 2013 juniors :P 
The person that sit the other (also beside me) damn friendly! Sadly, i forgot to ask her name....When we leave, they all still prepare chocolate for us! So sweet! :D

And also!!!!!!! Pictures with Juay Hung!!!! :D 

After that, travel back by bus to school! :D Ebenezer give me tidbit too heehee :P 
Oh yah! And i sit with him in the bus :P I feel kind of guilty though.... Because Clara sit alone :( I'm sorry...

Anyway! That's all! Bye :D 

PS: Will update Chinese New year celebration post soon :) 

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