Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chinese New Year Day 1 :D

Hi everyone :D Happy Chinese New Year once again :D. Because is Chinese New Year, our family decided to change everything new :D Our living room wall change colour, our bedsheet change etc. And also, even our cup change :D

Can you guess which is mine? :) 
From left to right
Mum, brother, father, me, sister
And thats right! My cup is snow white :D

We even have new decoration :D Sunflowers!!!! I love sunflowers :D

My mum still bought me Domo Pouch and sister bought me Domo nail clipper :D 
I love domo :D And i love them :D

We even open new lens :D
My sister lens is red on the inside but purple on the outside :D
While mine is green :D

I even paint my toes nail ! 
But i never add design though....too lazy :P 
I just painted silver colour glitter, then later on add more big glitter  :D
I never even paint my hand nails lor. Imagine need to remove when school reopen.....-.- Lazy!

This is my outfit of that day :D
I don't know why people keep say i wear until like kpop star....Really meh? 
I thought will be more like school girl sia! HAHAHAHA WHATEVER!

This is how my lens look like! I don't like the colour sia.... is not what i expected... :\
But it okay :(

So this is what i wear
 Watch and rose ring :D

I even change my earring- hotpink rose :D

And my heel :D

So bai nian with mummy, grandmother and daddy :D 
Then relative one by one come. Then we eat our foods blah blah blah
Go father side de house~
Inside the car :D
By the way, car is Xuan Xuan father lend us de :D
In the house 

After lao finish the yu sheng.....

I eat.....So nice although they cook lesser and lesser each year..... :\ Don't have my favourite dish though.... ;( So sad...

I even drink this wine!
So delicious i swear!
Is milk tea wine!
It quite strong though! Drink le will feel warm warm de! But luckily i never drunk luh! :)

Take picture with Cheryl. :D

Oh gosh! I found out one shocking new! Cheryl cousin is Marcus Leong sia!
My senior!
So Marcus Leong consider my cousin de cousin! Can't believe we related! World so small! 
I bet i gonna shock for a few days about this news!

 Her sister is just so adorable!
Still remember last time shy shy de and always stick to mummy. 
hahahaha :D Cute!

I will never ever forget camwhore myself :P

So finally back home! It night time already! Damn tired i swear!
So back home, play com....
I can't even go bathe and change into my pajamas because guest is still there :(
So camwhore! Play computer!

Me and my brother :D

Me, Li hong and xuan xuan :D
Li hong so cute lor! He was like, eh who behind me? hahahaha :D

The proper one :D
 Later on i'm so bored that i even steal xuan xuan crown and wand hahahaha :D

Hahahaha i know i know. Childish and vain. hahaha :P

Bear with me guys.....I'm bored....
 I should show you all random stuffs too!

See my geography project! I damn love the front one! Heart shape! :D
Heart shape is i paste de sia! All my hardwork!
And the pictures right! Is all photo! Not printed one leh!

This was like describing me hahahaa :D

 Okay i should stop! Hahahaha :D Bye :D

PS: Next post should be about Chinese New Year Day 2 :D Got Ebenezer inside hahahaha :P 
And Ebenezer was sad that my previous blog post don't have his name so yah, gonna write his name here so he won't sad :P
I love you Ebenezer ;) 
I bet while reading this you are smiling now hahahaha
PEDO! Bleh! :P

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