Monday, February 11, 2013

Going out with family :D

Hi hi :D I'm back blogging again :D This time round is going out with family again :D 

My outfit of that day :D 

Camwhoring a bit :P

After reaching our destination, which i don't know is where hahahaha :P 
We go eat breakfast :P
And while waiting......YES! Camwhore again!

Me and brother :P

Breakfast finally here!!! Woo!!!~ 
Actually still have other, but because i'm so hungry, i forget to capture pictures :P

After that, they go shop shop. Especially is to shop for TV as our TV spoil that time :P Yeah.... again, this is long ago stuffs :P  So yah. I still remember that time raining and only sister bring umbrella. But in the end, sister wet instead of us. So Wei Da! :D 

Since they keep shop for something that i not interested. I decided to sit down at the bench near by with my brother :P

Although sometime this guy very annoying :) But he still my brother :D

Is my turn to solo camwhore woo!

So after that, they go shop different shop. One of the furniture shop, i never even shop until. I just sit down there watching Kpop show and they all go shop! Hahaha :P

After that, they still go ikea shop! They bought Ice-cream and hotdog bread eat. While me eating air because i feeling unwell at that point of time and my backbone hurt!!! 

After that, we saw this big giant lip and this is how we act silly...... :P

After that, home sweet home :D

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