Saturday, February 9, 2013

Happy Chinese new year :)

Happy Chinese New Year eve everyone :D Time seriously pass so quickly!~ So fast it Chinese new year! Chinese new year is my favorite day because we can get ang bao and eat lots of delicious foods :P But at the same time, i hate it. Because we need to talk to relatives and that will be so awkward. Plus, i will gain weight and fall sick after that since i eat so many heaty foods. Just now having reunion dinner :P it so delicious!!! Although we don't have steamboat but simple meal is enough :P Really love the feeling of sitting with your family and eat together :P Have been choosing my clothes for tomorrow.....Kinda sad that i have no new clothes :\ But that's okay! Have something wear can le. Also, i just painted my toes nail! A simple one though! Don't have design because i lazy to draw on it. So i just paint a simple silver colour and paint a colourless bling onto it :P Mum keep ask why Ebenezer never come my house and bai nian and why never join us for reunion dinner. And since she keep ask, Ebenezer going to come my house on Monday to bai nian! Look forward to it :P Ebenezer said he scared and anxious! Hahahaha! So cute! Okay lah! 
Now moving on to new year resolution :)
New year resolutions for me is......
1)  Pass my N-level! (Gosh! This is important!)
2) Sleep more!
3) Drink more water
4) Do more homework and revise more!
5) Blog more!
6) Capture more memories :P
7) I don't know what to write anymore :P Hahahaha :)

So that's all guy :) Bye :D 

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