Sunday, March 17, 2013

A day out with Ebenezer :)

Hi everyone! I'm back :D March Holiday is here :D Finally can have some rest but also to buck up my studies :P Anyway continue my post :P

So this is what i wear. Nothing special. It just a simple shirt and short :P

So he come and fetch me and then we go Nex by MRT :) It so funny that Ebenezer card no money and he stuck there :P
So while waiting him i camwhore :P

we went to Nex to watch ah boy to men 2 :D 

It so funny that the row we sit is all filled with couple :P
Young couple or elderly couple all have :P

After movie we go walk walk and shop shop ;P

Later on go Hougang mall and eat :P

Heehee :P So cute :P

 And my double chocolate frappe :P

He also give me Valentine presents :P Not the day we go out, is the day have band hahahaha :P

Pink Rose :D

With rabbit on it that said i love you :P

Heehee :P Feeling very happy :)

Jar of hearts :P This still glow in the dark :P

Still have this frame :P

Still have long letter which i love :P

Thank you Ebenezer :P

he still take a polaroid with me :P
I can finally put our picture in the wallet :D

And then finally back home :P

Bathed :) Sleep :)

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