Thursday, March 21, 2013


Stress ah! Holiday like no holiday. What for having holiday when there tons of homework and still need go back to school??? I still prefer school day lor. :( Now everything is like keep pissing me off. Seriously i can't take it anymore. I feel like killing everyone i see. People keep don't understand me and stuff. People should really learn how to shut up and stop asking stupid things. REALLY! -.- Sometime i don't even feel like explaining why i piss off, sad, angry etc. Because they won't understand anyway and end up they keep ask more question which really argh! Everytime i explode my anger they will be all like angry for what sia? CONTROL LAH etc. I angry not your problem right? I DON'T NEED YOUR COMMENT IDIOT.  FINE. Any emotion just keep to myself sua. Nobody will understand because they not me. And also i seriously hate people wasting my precious time and blame everything to me. I don't care if people hate me or whatsoever anymore and i won't change anymore. I'm me. Like me for being me or else fuck off. 


Monday- Band
Tuesday- Outing
Wednesday- Band/ outing
Thursday- FNN/ Tuition
Friday- Noticeboard
Saturday- Tuition
Sunday- chiong all my homework

I really really hope i die seriously. 
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